20/8/09 - Phils Oil Leak

A further tip sent in by Phil, this time replacing the front crankshaft oil seal.

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20/8/09 - Phil's Starter Motor Tips

Phil has sent me in another tip to share with you all. As you know I had starter motor problems recently and certainly dodgy solenoids played a part...

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10/8/09 - Another wheel bearing!

I bet you are getting as tired of this as I am.

We went to TV4x4's annual club rally at Oxley's Shaw last weekend. We had a great time and we felt we were especially competitive getting the punches this time. We were much more organised with the winch, setting it up before we entered the hazards and therefore it was much quicker and smoother all round. Perhaps it is getting near the point where we need to enter a proper challenge event.....

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3/7/09 - Starter motor problems

If you have been around off-roaded Suzuki 4x4s you will be used to Starter motor issues.

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7/6/09 - Bits falling off!

I went out earlier in the week to complete some pre-flight checks for next Sundays visit to the tremendous site at Hogmoor (Sunday 14th June 2009 - are you coming!).

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