Changing a CAM sensor on a Gen3


Having read the fault codes, I needed to change the CAM Sensor, so it was out with the video camera for a new video. 

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Code reading a Gen3 and Gen4 Jimny


An error code on BigJImny gave me an excuse to roll out my Code Reader to see what was wrong and also look at Gerald (LittleJimny) to see what the reader can see. 

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Differential Failure


​Very shortly after we drove away from the 2019 BigJimny meet, I heard a very loud bang from somewhere underneath BigJimny. I pulled over and could not see anything, the Jimny still had drive but was giving out a knocking noise.

I suspected the CV joints as they have been clicking for a long time, however I found that the noise was coming from the rear diff (see video below, you can hear the knocking noise if you ignore the disc scraping noise)

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Centre Dot Fasteners


Not really a how-to, more a rant on the mis-use of these fasteners!

I have had my Jimny for 10 years so it was owned by others for 4-5 years before that. Up to now I have been giving it a hard time off-roading it so I have not been too concerned about the finer details of how it looked. However...

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A quick test


Having got the new tyres on the rims I could not resist a quick test. I still need to change the suspension on the front of the Jimny so it still looks a little wonky,  The rear suspension is complete so the wheels can go on and stay on. There looks to be sufficient clearance based on the cutting that was done for the previous tyres. I might h...

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