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Old Man Emu vs Des Sol

17/02/08 - Jimny Lean!

A common problem with a lifted Jimny is "Jimny Lean". This is where it appears to sag on the driver side. The original manufacturers springs are stiffer on the drivers side but most lift kits do not cater for this.

One simple answer is to put a spring spacer in on the drivers side. These are available from "Bits4Vits" in the UK. Here are some pictures of mine.

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04/01/08 - Fitting a Snorkle

Not my article and not my Jimny - but a good article I thought you would like to see.......

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29/02/08 - Winch Wiring - dashboard

So having got the wiring looms in, the next stage is to add in the winch wiring. I want to put a remote switch in the dash board, a second battery in the boot and the winch solenoids under the bonnet.

The winch controls will go into the dashboard. There is a handy pocket in the radio/clock mounting frame (shown with a piece of white card inserted) that will take a switch module.

To see how this progresses look at the "Read More" link......

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31/12/07 - Wiring Modifications - Updated

As can be seen in the problems section, the Jimny wiring needs some serious attention - see Wiring!

A whole series of accessories have been fitted and the wiring for these needs to be rationalised and tidied up. In many places domestic mains cable has been used and lies loose on the floor.

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18/10/07 - Rear Tyre Mount

One of the problems of fitting large tyres is the one of where to fit the spare tyre. The standard mount will not take large tyres as they foul the bumper and obscure the standard number plate fittings.

When I got the Jimny the previous owner had taken the easy way out and thrown the spare tyre into the rear of the car. This just takes up space and creates a hazard inside the cabin.

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