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Old Man Emu vs Des Sol

31/12/08 - Christmas Bling

My Jimny really seems to show every scratch and mark. Whilst my old SJ managed to look smart no matter what I dragged it through but the Jimny paint seems to be easily damaged. Therefore my solution is to cover it up. I bought a set of Suzuki decals from designed for a Suzuki Swift. This means they do not fit in quite the way they should but I think they look nice anyway.

First - here is a picture of how they should look.......

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09/01/09 - Rocklobster conversion - Episode 1

Having fought with the flanges and battled with the speedo drive I finally split open my transfer boxes ready for a Rocklobster conversion.

This is what I found....

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16/12/08 - My Jimny - Update

So with everyone else sending in pictures of the modifications they are doing the question is...what am I doing with mine!

Being a committee member of TV4x4 we have been out surveying 4x4 sites for next years calendar. We recently visited Hogmoor which is a fantastic site, so the club will be booking it for a trial next year. The visit to Hogmoor showed that the standard Transfer Box (if you remember I am back on a standard box after the chain stretched in my Low Ratio Gearset Jimny Transfer Box) is not up to the job so I am starting to build up an SJ410 RockLobster ready to fit. I am producing the write up for this and hopefully this will appear in the new year.....

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24/10/08 - Cutting the wheelarches

In order to fit larger wheels you have to cut the wheel arches to stop them rubbing. My Jimny was already modified so I have not had to cut the wheelarches myself. However a number of people have asked how it is done and what needs to be done. Therefore I have put photos of mine below to show what has been done. The pictures are clickable to make them larger.......

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25/05/08 - Adding a CB Radio

CB Radio is used in offroading, either for keeping in touch on a Play site or whilst green laning. With all the switch gear and other dash board wiring there is no room below the dashboard for the CB. Therefore I had to find somewhere to fit the radio.

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