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14th July 2024
Parkwood Nr. Leeds


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Dave's "S200KYS" Jimny 'laner Build...

10 Apr 2017 16:40 #180110 by X8GGY
We had a great 'laning trip yesterday -



I managed to disassemble the front offside CV, I couldn't get left lock, so had to shunt around corners to get home :(

I cracked my windscreen

I snapped my CB aerial in two

Here it is zip-tied to the waffle boards to keep us going for the day...

Let repairs commence! We need to be ready for a punch hunt on the 30th!
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11 Apr 2017 10:31 #180125 by X8GGY

Literally! Ball bearings that is!

More in here, and pieces of CV...

Shafted too!

Empty CV :(

Ah well, as said, it lasted 48 trips, can't complain at that...

Might as well buy a new set then?
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11 Apr 2017 13:37 #180129 by X8GGY
Stripped the whole lot in the end...

Nearside CV and shaft look ok...

Bearings are grumbling though :(

So the hubs are off and ready for new bearings -

And everything else is awaiting cleaning ready for the rebuild -

The kingpins were done recently when chasing the death (Zombie!) wobble...

I tried getting bearings and waterproof grease from the BigJimny store but both are out of stock?

So the bearings are on their way from JimnyBits and I managed to source the same grease off eBay... :( Sorry Martin, I tried!
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11 Apr 2017 15:35 #180132 by X8GGY
All cleaned and ready for the rebuild...

... as soon as the shaft and CVs come, and the bearings have been replaced...
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13 Apr 2017 09:13 #180209 by X8GGY
Trail Gear / Longfield Shafts ordered from JimnyBits this morning (will be ordering matching rears soon too)

Front Wheel Bearings arrived from them in the post this morning, so the hubs have gone round to my mate's garage 100 yds from my house today for them to fit as and when they have spare time (it's cheaper then! ;) )

And a replacement mini whip aerial with a spring has arrived this morning too...

Meanwhile, Rob Storr came back with a price for a replacement short driver's side shaft and a CV, so they'll be useful as a full spares set...

Getting there, but oooh! my credit card hurts! :( :lol:

Just a replacement windscreen to arrange then :blush:
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13 Apr 2017 10:39 - 13 Apr 2017 10:41 #180212 by kirkynut
I thought you has Rob Storr CV's and shafts in the front anyway? You've not broken one of those have you?


Edit: Just read your other post, which answers this!

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13 Apr 2017 11:06 #180213 by X8GGY

kirkynut wrote: I thought you has Rob Storr CV's and shafts in the front anyway? You've not broken one of those have you?


Edit: Just read your other post, which answers this!

Yup, I can wreck anything me!...

Prototype TG shafts last time -

Now Rob Storr CVs and Shafts!

But, in fairness, they have been in for four years / 48 'laning trips / offroad events - www.jimnyjaunts.co.uk
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23 Apr 2017 15:56 #180507 by X8GGY
Well, I hummed and I harr'ed... :lol:

I couldn't decide whether to fit the TG or the RS shafts and CVs... but then fate made my mind up... I got a parcel from Rob Storr and could see before I even unwrapped it that the shaft was wrong :( I got a passenger side one instead of a driver's side, so with a punch hunt coming up next Sunday, the 30th of April, and the weather looking to worsen next week, when the correct shaft would arrive, I figured it was best to fit the TG shafts and then recoup some of the expense by selling the RS shafts when I have a complete set next week, with two new CVs, so they'll be "as new"...

Anyway, let the photos commence...

TG CVs on the left, RS CVs on the right, shafts are exactly the same lengths...

CV comparison... TG on the left, middle is a new RS CV, fourth one is another replacement but one he had left from the development stages, so appears a little shorter, more like the TG ones, and the fifth (right one) is the used passenger CV...

So, fitting the TG shafts, so I needed to remove the RS spacers from the hubs...

Surprisingly :ohmy: the TG shafts slid straight it?! :woohoo: You may have read that when Brett was fitting his they wouldn't go in easily, and I'd gone over to lend a hand and moral support, this was one of the main reasons I was swaying to refitting the RS shafts and CVs (and the fact that they had been in for 4 years and 48 trips, so I knew they would be good for another similar period), so I was very surprised when they slid in fairly easily?! :)

The driver's side going in, see how when it's angled up it just slips passed the end of the knuckle where the lower king pin bearing is?

All reassembled. treated the free wheel hubs to a lick of paint while they were off, and a new set of mounting bolts...

The only things I'm missing, which I'll nip out and get in the morning, was shorter bolts for the brake calipers now the RS spacers have been removed, and LSD oil... So I'll finish reassembling tomorrow afternoon...

While everything was apart...

I also fitted some new ARB drop links... super heavy duty ones from SuperPro :)

Almost ready for the punch hunt then...
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25 Apr 2017 13:25 #180551 by X8GGY
The correct half shaft arrived from Rob Storr this morning, so the revitalised set is in the for sale section of this great discussion board, here - www.bigjimny.com/index.php/forum?view=topic&catid=11&id=61957

The TG rear shafts are due to arrive from JimnyBits tomorrow...

And a new set of front brake caliper bolts (need shorter ones as the spacers have now been removed) should be in the post in the morning too...

And I've been out for 5L of LSD front axle oil and 5L of standard rear axle oil (leaves enough to change the oil in the beige Jimny's diffs when they get swapped soon), and a new oil pump...

And the weather looks good for tomorrow :)
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26 Apr 2017 20:58 #180635 by X8GGY
With the Trail Gear / Longfield front HD shafts and CVs installled... another parcel arrived from JimnyBits this morning... matching rear shafts!

They arrived with the ABS pickup ring and bearings kindly fitted by Russ, but...

The studs weren't attached? The instructions just said "press the wheel studs into the axle as shown"?

So i pulled them through with a spare wheel nut, and a big nut used as a spacer...

Done! repeat for second half-shaft ;)

All done and read to fit...

Up in the air, oil drained and ready to pull the standard shafts out...

Hmmm, they've faired well! :)

New HD shafts in! :)

Nice shot of new axle shaft in muddy wheel B)

Oil back in both axles...

And then round the corner to the hand car wash to get it all spruced up again...

Looking good S200KYS !!! B) :laugh:
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27 Apr 2017 17:32 #180649 by X8GGY
I can't tell you what I did to S200KYS today... :blush:

It came back from the hand car wash looking lovely, and my love for it was rekindled...

So I 'back-to-black'ed all the plastics, treated the paintwork to some blue 'take away (some of) the scratches' paste/wax and dug out the black and silver hammerite for a further spruce up tomorrow! :ohmy:
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11 May 2017 10:02 #181139 by X8GGY
Not sure if anyone still reads my ramblings, never get much response! :lol:

Some long awaited important parts came into stock at JimnyBits this week!

Armour-plated side repeater guards!

Got mine in zinc-plated colour to match the door bars - they are also available black powder coated too...

Ahh, whoops!

Soon fixed with a chisel and nail varnish remover! ;)

Ideal for our Tight & Scratchy 'laning adventures! B)
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