21/8/10 - OMG!

Well the weather has conspired against my "summer of fun" on the boat. We had a great week away boating, but since then the weather has closed in and we have not had an opportunity to go out.

Here is a memory of what July was like....

So that means I have returned to my winter sport - the  Jimny.

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2/9/10 - I am not alone!

Andy has sent in some pictures of his leading/trailing arms following a trip out laning in the Peak District as some consolation for me!


As you can see, Andy straightened his by judiciious use of a metal bar being dropped onto the bend.


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3/6/10 - Starting the Axle rebuild

I started the axle rebuild last night and its not gone too smoothly. The main problem is how to get enough height to drop the axle off underneath the car. With the car having a suspension lift and been generally modified the articulation of the suspension on my car is quite good, which is just what you do not need when trying to drop the axle off.

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16/05/10 - Thats it!!

Now don't panic, I am not giving up (yet!)

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24/02/10 - Tie-rod end - UPDATE

So having changed the Tie-Rod end (expensively !!) I took the Jimny down to have the wheels aligned.

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