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Old Man Emu vs Des Sol

02/12/12 - Fitting Anti Squeal Pads

02/12/12 - Fitting Anti Squeal Pads

LittleJimny has recently started suffering from squealing brake pads. Its not the straight line, noisy squeal under braking, its a quieter squeal and only occurs when going around corners.

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08/12/12 - LittleJimnys First Modification!

08/12/12 - LittleJimnys First Modification!

Some of you may recall me complaining when we first got LittleJimny that it had no clock. (see the comments attached to THIS ARTICLE)

Recently the radio has started cutting out after 10 to 15 minutes of operation, it sounds as if the amplifier section of the radio is overheating as all the functions work, there is just no sound coming out.

Anyway, Halford spotted one lurking on Ebay and I won it for £16.50 (Thanks!).......

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23/10/09 - More Jimny Wobble

There is a fair bit of information around about the Jimny "Death Wobble". Followers of this website will know that I am a firm believer in sorting out the Kingpin Bearings and Wheel Bearings as a main source of problems with wobble. However, this is not the complete cure in some cases. I know from other websites that people have rebuilt the front end of their cars and yet still suffer from wobble. This has reached the point where Suzuki have brought out a kit to help reduce the problem. Suzuki apparantly say that the Jimny was designed for small wheels and that larger wheels change the loading on the bearings and result in "harmonic wobble". This is partially born out by the number of instances of wobble in Jimny "O2" variants - with large factory fitted alloy wheels. Suzuki has now brought out a kit for vehicles affected by this and (as only Suzuki can) charge a fortune for it.....

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31/08/09 - Jonplace's towbar wiring guide

Jon has sent in a wiring guide to fitting a towbar, it can be found HERE

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08/05/09 - Roof Lights

I have forgotton to mention that I have added on some roof lights. The car has had roof lights since the earliest pictures I have seen from the previous owners. There has only been one small downside, they were never wired in. In fact, they have no insides. More to the point, what insides they do have has rusted to nothing.

I got some nice stainless steel Wipac lamps from Devon 4x4. I chose stainless so they will not rust. I had already put the wiring and relays in when I re-wired the car but I gave up when I pulled the cover off the original lights to find they are empty.

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