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Gen4 DRL Led update

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I am putting together some guides as life with our Gen4 progresses. Some are simple tips and others are full guides/instructions to bigger tasks.

1. The black roof

2. Upgrading the Front Speakers

3. Upgrading the DRLs to LEDS

4. Adding an armrest

5. Fitting a Sill Cover/Garnish

6. Fitting rear speakers

7. Fitting a Lift Kit (Part 1)

7. Fitting a Lift Kit (Part 2)

7. Fitting a Lift Kit (Part 3)

8. Fitting a Reversing Camera

9. First Service

10. Fitting a Snorkel (Part 1 - unboxing)

10. Fitting a Snorkel (Part 2 - installation)

11. Vented disk brakes on a Gen4 Jimny

12. Reading codes on a Gen3 and Gen4 Jimny

13. Changing a camshaft sensor

14. Battery charging

15. Fitting Spring Silencers

16. Centering the steering wheel

17. Fixing the Gen4 Workshop manual

18. Interior door lock

19. Tinting the Windows 

20. Gen4 commercial walkaround

 21. Gen4 DRL Led update

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