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Old Man Emu vs Des Sol

01/05/09 - Re-greasing the Winch

Having had the winch sat on the front of the Jimny for a year the salt spray, mud and water have taken its toll and its many some very expensive noises as it rotates. Therefore I have stripped and re-built it and, of course, written a "how to" guide along the way.

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27/03/09 - Rocklobster Update

You will have seen in my other articles that I have fitted a Rocklobster Transfer Box using an Offroad Armory mounting kit. My kit was an early production model and I had problems with clearance between the transmission tunnel and during testing the other week we had a "Tink Tink Tink" noise which turned out to be a balance weight hitting the gearbox remote mechanism.

Rob, from Off-Road Armory has contacted me to explain that the kit now comes with new mounts to replace the standard Jimny ones that were originally re-used in the early versions of the mount kit....

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8/03/09 - Fitting the RockLobster

Those of you who have been following this website will have seen that I have been building a RockLobster Transfer Box....

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28/01/09 - Richard Redacted s' Rocklobster Speedo Modification

Here is a real winning modification thats going to become a bit of a legend in the future!

As you may know, Jimny Transfer boxes are under geared for off-road use and a popular modification is to put on a Transfer Box from an SJ, either directly or as part of a RockLobster conversion.....

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14/01/09 - Rocklobster conversion - Episode 2

I am gradually working through this conversion. As it modifies a transfer box from an old SJ most of the work at present is with the realm of the SJ rather than the Jimny. The main Jimny work will come when I fit the Transfer Box.

When I had an SJ I wrote a guide to doing the work - which is HERE. I am using this guide but I have found a couple of areas that need updating so look out for a revised edition at some point which wil include the details for fitting it to a Jimny......

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