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Old Man Emu vs Des Sol

04/02/11 - Rear Panhard Rod - updated

So I went out and had another look tonight. This is the starting point with the Panhard Rod mount fouling the Rear Caliper.....

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29/02/08 - Winch Wiring - Under bonnet.

The previous winch wiring article created a switch panel and a wiring loom that runs through to under the bonnet.

Now the winch equipment needs installing under the bonnet.

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02/06/13 - Axle re-build work in progress

02/06/13 - Axle re-build work in progress

So as you will have seen from my last post, I have some Trailmaster Diesel springs. Here they are alongside the originals.

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27/05/13 - BigJimny is coming back!

27/05/13 - BigJimny is coming back!

As many of you will know, BigJimny has been languishing in the garage awaiting a rebuild. This followed a final, destructive run in which everything finally broke!

Previous posts show me dismantling  the rear axle and getting some brackets from Rob at Offroad Armory welded on.

However work stopped at this point as other activities got in the way.

Well, we are now moving house (the sale is under way) and I have a Jimny in the garage with no axle! Therefore I need to get it back to rolling status in order to get it on a trailer to move house.

I have always thought my Jimny was too heavy and the sagging springs and broken axle seem to support this theory. Therefore I have always had an eye on the TrailMaster Diesel springs as these are for Jimnys with the heavier diesel engine. With the weight of the winch and the winch bumper up front and the roll cage, I have always thought these springs would be more suitable for my Jimny.

Therefore I picked up a set of the diesel springs from my second favourite supplier (I am sure I will be forgiven for saying that as, of course, BigJimny is my favourite!)


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06/04/13 - Changing the Oil/Air Filter and Spark plugs

A short video showing an Oil Change, Air Filter Change and Spark Plug Change as a guide for those wanting to take the first steps in maintenance.

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