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Old Man Emu vs Des Sol

Getting an identity


I have had the Jimny over 10 years now and in that time it has never had any badges. When I purchased it there was no badges on it and I did not do anything about it. 

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Dual Battery monitor


BigJimny has dual batteries fitted. A slightly enhanced standard battery for starting and a large battery in the boot for the winch. Having just replaced the batteries when rebuilding BigJimny, I decided to put a monitor in. A quick google showed a number of expensive systems but also a new cheap system from the Chinese discount sites.

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Interior refit


 So with the MOT passed, we have been driving around this week. Unfortunately, there is a vibration or "push" in the drivechain. I took the rear propshaft off and found the UJs were notchy and very stiff. Taking them apart showed not only rusted out UJs but also a bent yoke. So a new yoke is on order and the car is back in bits in the garage. However this time is it only short lived and I took the opportunity to get on with the interior.

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Into the light!


​With everything coming together it is time to leave the garage for the first time in 4 years!

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A few more tweaks


When I started her up for the first time, I noticed a couple of problems. The first was the engine management light (EML) on whilst the second was a stream of water and clouds of steam from the exhaust. 

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