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09/10/11 - Time for more work!

So after Wagtail, the review of the "damage".

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13/03/11 - Changing the Heater Control Bulb

Neil Townley (Nelson83) has sent in his guide to changing the little bulb that illuminates the heater controls, a  common and annoying failure on a Jimny.

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19/10/10 - Workshop Manuals

Obviously I cannot provide illegally copied manuals for download from the Internet. However I have listed the part numbers of the manuals in this article...


and if you type the part numbers into Google who knows what might happen!

(Of course you should really just use the Part Number to buy a legal copy from your Suzuki Dealer - won't you)

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06/08/10 - Oils and Fluids

A number of people have asked for the following information.

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05/07/10 - Peter Burgess Automotive Performance Engineering

Peter Burgess who follows this website has his own business in engine performance tuning. He specialises in MGs etc (Leyland Series Engines) however his business includes a Rolling Road on which you can pay to have your performance measured.

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