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BigJimnyMeet 2024

14th July 2024
Parkwood Nr. Leeds

Booking now closed at 148 vehicles!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there

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Broken R7ME gearbox?

24 Jun 2024 07:37 #256422 by facade
Replied by facade on topic Broken R7ME gearbox?

Thank you!! Finally someone who has done it!! The workshop manual, is it a Haynes repair manual or something else? Haynes is the only one I seem to find after a quick google search, haven’t dug that deep though.

The gearbox is actually a little bit wet underneath, around the area of the emptying plug. Any gaskets that could cause it to leak around that area? I can take a picture today after work. So it’s not impossible it’s been running dry. I recently bought the car, and there was a big hole in the muffler so I couldn’t really hear any noise from the transmission while test driving it, and it was running fine so yeah… But after welding and fixing the muffler i can now hear what sounds like some bad gearbox bearings haha, so yeah last owner might have run it dry for a while…. :)
I used the Suzuki manual, the part numbers are here www.bigjimny.com/mediawiki/index.php/Workshop_manuals  search and ye shall find ;)

Mine had done 120,000 miles and the input bearing was quite noisy, so while I was changing the clutch I put new bearings in the gearbox. Quite an expensive job in the end, clutch kit, crank bearing, gearbox kit, gearbox mounts & transfer box mounts, would have cost a fortune if I had to pay labour as well!

Suzuki don't believe in gaskets, it is all done with sealant.  Clean the drain plug and smear with sealant before refitting. There is a breather/vent thing at the top that sometimes weeps and an oil smear goes down the gearbox from the top.

I'm afraid I really can't remember much, I've rebuilt a few gearboxes, car and motorcycle, and they all blur into one. The only thing that I remember (apart from the struggle to get the gearbox off) was the tube I used to press the mainshaft bearing on was too small, as the mainshaft is stepped and I didn't measure the largest diameter that caused a bit of trouble...

No doubt Haynes will have photos of stripping the gearbox, but I've never seen a Haynes Jimny manual.

If it suddenly breaks, go back to the last thing that you did before it broke and start looking there :)

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24 Jun 2024 07:47 #256423 by Torne
Replied by Torne on topic Broken R7ME gearbox?
Oh thank you! Yeah, i was wrong also with the haynes manual, it was for the Samurai, although it seems to be avalible online as a pdf or something on their website for the gen 3.

Yeah mine is about the same milage (110k). Seems like a smart move to do all those parts at the same time, i´ll probably do the same. Hoping for no broken gears though in the gearbox, but i think i would get some horrible grinding noises if that was the case. I'll update once i get the refill plug loose and can drain the oil. Thank you again :)

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24 Jun 2024 16:07 #256428 by jackonlyjack
Replied by jackonlyjack on topic Broken R7ME gearbox?

Hmm interesting. That could be the cause of the metallic scraping noise I am hearing, sounds almost like steel wool or tinfoil rattling against something. Seems like the rain is gonna stop this afternoon so i might have a go at the refill nut and see if I can empty the gearbox and inspect the oil. Fingers crossed and the sounds are something else…

Just a thought have you checked the exhaust heat shield is not rattling. It's near passenger foot well 

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