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INEOS GRENDIER - What do you guys think?

17 Dec 2020 07:03 #230955 by Groundworker
Sorry, wading depth 900mm, 3 feet, I'm very old and work in both....

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18 Dec 2020 12:33 #230992 by Bob1050

What's funny is people will buy a 20 year old Defender, that's done 126,000 miles in the hands of eight owners.
One of which was a farmer who regularly towed an Ifor Williams with twenty sheep in it, and another used it to launch their boat into the sea.
One owner never serviced it as they "go on forever" and two owners used Frank from no. 12 to change the oil as he's good with cars.
Frank didn't know about the
centrifugal oil filter so that wasn't changed in 50,000 miles.
The Land Rover was stolen recovered twice and on one occasion was used to ram raid an off license. lt's been washed twice a year and if it's lucky had the mud jet washed off the chassis after a winter driving in snow and salt.
One owner used it as an off road toy and thrashed it round Tixover Quarry every weekend, the monster wheels and lift kit he'd fitted ruined the handling but got taken off when he sold it.
The turbo has had its wastegate messed with to "improve response"
Then it's had a £50 tuning box fitted which made it go like stink but smoke like a tramp steamer, after which it's been remapped by "Megachips"
Nobody ever refilled the swivels with grease, checked the axle oil levels, or changed the gearbox/transfer box oil, although owner no. 5 changed the fuel filter.

And then the new owner will complain that the Defender is "unreliable" and "keeps breaking down" and Land Rover didn't know how to put them together properly

Or in my case - Specified and ordered a new Defender - visited Solihull to view assembly line - took delivery and enjoyed 2 years motoring. After this point the Defender (with a full dealer service history) started failing big time and had to be disposed of. End of relationship with Land Rover - simples!

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18 Dec 2020 13:34 #230996 by Groundworker
Me too, owned defender for work,110 hardtop, heater took 20 miles to get warm, I work outside so not great driving home after work, always condensation, was pretty gutless for towing. I was going to replace it with a newer 110 utility when it started playing up. Went to look at one and there was brand new isuzu Dmax for same price as 5 year old defender, already going rusty and leaking oil. Ok on a cheap car but £20k for a five year old car, they've just gone nuts on price, then again Jimnys seem to be heading the same way......

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18 Dec 2020 18:08 - 18 Dec 2020 18:12 #231001 by lightning

We bought a Defender new in 2006 and had it eight years, in that time did 46,000 miles and we had very little trouble with it. One wiper motor replacement under warranty and a loose mud shield on the prop shaft and that was it.

Maybe you should have used an independent LR specialist for servicing as they are often better.

I now have a 2005 110 Station Wagon bought in 2014 with 56,000 miles on it.
lt's now on 126,000 and has been the most reliable vehicle l have owned, it's never let me down and l've never had to call out the RAC.

The heater is effective within about five miles in cold weather.

l guess l must have got a good one.

We also owned a 2003 90 Station Wagon for 3 years, bought in 2015 with 112,000 on the clock.

That too, was a great vehicle and never let us down, although we only put around 12,000 miles on it.
Last edit: 18 Dec 2020 18:12 by lightning.

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18 Dec 2020 19:30 #231002 by Groundworker
I did buy it and have it serviced by an indy dealer, I think there's a big difference between the van and the csw, single skin metal panels just hold no heat, my real point being that I believe the Defender is very poor value now, that vehicle, an 05 plate td5 van would probably still cost north of £10k. Also I tow more than I don't which makes a big difference to reliability I think, my Isuzu has not even blown a bulb in 72000 miles.
Often people I speak to on this don't use it as their daily driver, I would love a play 90 but can't afford one. Just think the grenadier could be interesting, he's totally copied the defender but improved the things that owners often do too, better bushes etc.

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18 Dec 2020 20:32 - 18 Dec 2020 20:35 #231005 by lightning
l agree prices at the moment are high. ln some cases a bit silly for what is effectively a farm vehicle.

But unless anything changes, the Defender has zero depreciation so in that respect is very good value.

IF you get a good one.

l paid £14,000 for my 2005 110 SW in 2014. Having put the mileage up to 126,000 l have just had a dealer offer me £17,000.

l am not sure how long these prices will last. l
think they will go down as diesel becomes increasingly outlawed and more cities ban higher polluting vehicles.

l too will be interested in the Grenadier, l think it's what Land Rover should have done with the Defender. lt could be a fabulous vehicle if lneos get it right.
Last edit: 18 Dec 2020 20:35 by lightning.

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