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Old Man Emu vs Des Sol

21/06/09 - New Wheels

When Jimny-Gary sold up I managed to get hold of a set of 16" GV Deep Dish rims, these are for a project later this summer to go to a nice set of 16" based tyres. As I have some time before I buy the tyres I have spent it painting up the rims.

First I cleaned up the wheels with a wire brush


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26/06/09 - Gauges and Scan Tool

Here is a nice little gadget I found on the Internet...

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27/10/09 - Winch Remote

I found these wireless winch remote kit on Ebay from a company called "Winch-It", they seem to have a collection of reasonably priced accessories.

The dual control wireless remote will enable both myself and James (the co-driver!) to operate the winch in a number of situations. Often the person outside the car has a better  view of the winch situation so, although I already have dashboard switches fitted, this will give extra capability (and its a bit of a show off as well!)

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29/11/09 - Fitting SJ manual hubs

I have just made up some prototype parts that will enable you to fit SJ manual hubs to your Jimny, overcoming the issues with the Vacuum hubs. This kit will shortly be available to purchase in the shop. In the meantim, here is the guide so that you can start planning the fitting.

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03/02/11 - Rear Panhard Rod

Having previously fitted a front adjustable panhard rod I got around to starting fitting the rear today.

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