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Intrigued about this steering issue fix Youtube video.

24 Dec 2023 13:10 #253041 by IICIIEII

Youtube recently recommended me the video below:

It tells the tale of a guy installing a suspension lift kit, something that caused the steering wheel to move from the central point when the car goes straight. This is not super surprising, what is surprising to me is that the guy says that he went to 4 different places and at the end they came with the idea of resetting the sensor while keeping the steering wheel a bit turned to the left. The Jimny 4 has a fully adjustable steering arm, is this not the obvious place to do the correction? Am I missing something?


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24 Dec 2023 13:34 #253043 by facade
This was covered in a long thread a while ago, but I can't get the search to show it up.

The gist is that this has worked for several vehicles in south Africa, but no-one can really explain why.

I think we concluded that it is possibly the caster angle change from the lift reducing the self centring of the steering and it follows the camber of the road.

Tweaking the SAC shouldn't do anything as it has an element of self learning built in for small displacements, but the method has worked.

If it suddenly breaks, go back to the last thing that you did before it broke and start looking there :)

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24 Dec 2023 16:58 #253046 by HFPE

Re:Re:Re:Jimny pulling to right

This is the original thread

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24 Dec 2023 19:38 #253049 by mlines
As facade says, underneath the electonic gizmos etc, the steering on the Gen4 is the same.  The electronic gizmos add in torque to the steering column dependng on road speed and rate of turn of the steering wheel. There is an electronic centre sensor which if you believe the workshop manual is self centering based on an average of where the steering wheel is pointing. So even if it applies torque wrongly when you first drive off after lifting the car it should then average out pretty quickly.

The mechanical adjustment you see me doing does have to be repeated a couple of times as you are adjusting against the "play" in the steering .

However, James' jimny still needs adjusting so I might video it over the holidays if it does not rain too much 


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27 Dec 2023 12:42 #253110 by IICIIEII
Thanks for the info! It is really interesting. One thing, are only cars in South Africa the ones that can benefit from the "fix"? Could it be that the self centering is off in there?

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