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Steering wheel clock spring

19 Dec 2023 16:08 - 19 Dec 2023 16:18 #252942 by eggypoppins
Hello all.

Long time lurker, first time poster 
I have a 2001 Jimny and the horn has stopped working so I've been trying to get to the root cause.
I narrowed it down to the slip ring behind the steering wheel, so whipped it out and stripped it down.
The ribbon cable is broken at both ends!
The part number on the housing isn't returning anything when I search for it.
The part number is *am81a1rg16040*
Any suggestions?
I'm going to have a crack at just repairing this myself, but I'd like a back up plan if it doesn't work
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21 Dec 2023 21:23 #252996 by Darthblaker7474
I think the clock spring is one piece? you can find plenty on eBay 2nd hand though, I wouldn't attempt to repair it as the resistance in the wires mightn't be correct.

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24 Dec 2023 09:32 #253038 by GandHisJimny
My clock spring failed on my previous Jimny. It was a pain to find a replacement on eBay but eventually bb_autos listed one for £45. I swapped it in and it worked perfectly, airbag warning light gone and horn worked again. Just disconnect your battery for a while, pop the screws out the airbag assembly, remove airbag, remove steering wheel (after marking exact spline position with a pen) and then swap in your new unit. Probably took me an hour or two as a noob DIYer.

This was after a Suzuki garage quoted me over £1,000 to replace the airbag... The wrong component and a disgraceful price. Martin told me you could only get the whole switch assembly together (i.e. indicator stalks, clock spring and all) and that was something like £600.

Personally I'd just buy an eBay replacement unit than try to fix your existing one. Not saying you can't, but clocksprings are horrible to open up and do anything with if you aren't experienced. Seriously a pain to roll back in once you've fixed it, everything is greasy too. Plus, if it decayed in one spot it's not unlikely it'll happen again.

But hey, if it's already broken you can't break it trying!

Jimmer II (2007 JLX+ auto in black & silver) : Android head unit, Black Raptor Steering Damper, Yokohama Geolandar G015s, rear cabin light, OEM wind deflectors

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