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(Gen 3) Rotational noise and handbrake light

01 Oct 2023 15:39 #251118 by Paul4A
recently we’ve had a sht, sht, sht, noise when driving, suggesting something binding in the drivetrain or even possibly a bearing.  It’s not too loud and I’d not gotten around to looking at it when I then noticed it disappearing on a left turn, coming back again afterwards.  

Then I noticed on a short trip to the shops that the handbrake light stayed on for a while.  I put that down to age and a possible sticking cable, or I thought that I might have disturbed the mechanism or sensor when rust proofing recently.  It didn’t feel as if the handbrake itself was on though I didn’t check the drums for heat build up.  Then I noted the light went on and off intermittently when driving.  My partner then noted that on most, but not quite all occasions it went off on a left turn.  

it may well be that these two items are linked as they both change on a left turn.   Any suggestions?  The noise has perhaps appeared over the last 6-8 short journeys and the brake light the last 3-4 short journeys.  We’ve been away on holiday ( in the other car) and now we’re back I need to get it sorted.

1999 T registered Jimny. Early G13BB SOHC engine.

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01 Oct 2023 15:52 #251120 by Scimike
If I recall correctly the handbrake switch is actually on the handbrake lever, so it won't show if the shoes are sticking. So I would suggest the problems aren't related.
Having said that time to jack up each wheel and spin it by hand, listening for intermittent rotational noises.
More likely to be at the front wheels, check for bearing play or even rust on a disc catching as it's rotated. I've even had a trapped stone do this. 
It could be anything, but does sound like brake shoes / pads catching. 
The front calipers on the Jimny are notorious for sticking, check they slide on the mounting pins (take the pads out).This can cause the pads to catch the disc as the stop self centering when stuck.
Remove the centre console (a few screws) to access and clean the handbrake switch. Most likely full of fluff.
Shouldn't be to bad, good luck hunting.

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01 Oct 2023 16:14 #251121 by jackonlyjack
Check brake fluid level this could be the light issue 
Noise could be front brake backing plates 
These rust thin then distort or get stones trapped between disc and plate

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03 Oct 2023 16:37 #251167 by Paul4A
Many thanks for the replies.  I checked the handbrake switch and couldn’t see anything wrong.  I also checked the brake master cylinder last night and it was on minimum so bought some new brake fluid this afternoon and topped it up.  I think that’s probably been the issue and not the handbrake after all. That of course suggests a leak somewhere so I’ve had a quick lie down under the car and couldn’t see any obvious leaks front or back.  I did notice that the P clip that holds the back axle cross brake pipe onto the axle had corroded away so the pipe wasn’t properly secured.   I’ll now take it to a garage to replace that, possibly including renewing the cross pipe itself as it looked a bit to bent to my eye (most pipes were replaced a few years ago), search for the brake fluid leak, and get them to look for the source of the rotational noise. 

Thanks again.

1999 T registered Jimny. Early G13BB SOHC engine.

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