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G13BB normal temperature

27 Sep 2022 22:03 #245162 by Carlosbeldia
  Some weeks ago I installed a surface contact temp sensor in the head of the jimny (close to the cmp sensor housing). Have been checking and driving slow goes 88-92 Using more throttle goes 94-98 and goes up to103 when you stop idling for example in a traffic light. All these measures are with A/C blowing full and ambient temp 30-40. All in Celsius. Instrument gauge signals same since 72 to 103. Are all these temps ok? My other car is a defender td5 and no matter what I do, it never goes over 92.

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28 Sep 2022 03:36 #245165 by Lambert
Replied by Lambert on topic G13BB normal temperature
That's about right, similar to my m13.

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28 Sep 2022 10:57 #245168 by fordem
Replied by fordem on topic G13BB normal temperature
Assuming you're using a similar sensor on the Defender, I'd say it's either not mounted in a suitable location, the sensor system isn't working, or the Defender itself has a problem - it should be running hotter than 92*C.

Ideal location for a temperature sensor is as close to the engine's cooling system outlet (usually on the cylinder head) as you can get it, look for the factory coolant temperature sensor and use that as a guide.

Internal combustion engines are most efficient when they are hot, so they are designed with pressurized cooling systems that allow them to run with coolant temperatures in excess of the 100*C boiling point, which is what you're seeing on the Jimny, but not on the Defender.

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28 Sep 2022 11:02 - 28 Sep 2022 11:04 #245169 by yakuza
Replied by yakuza on topic G13BB normal temperature
any reason for checking other than interest?

edit: aha saw your other post now with the shutting down issues... dunno, sorry :)

defender is also petrol? dieselengines are more stable at a temperature so not to strange if it has the tractor engine.

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28 Sep 2022 21:35 #245188 by Carlosbeldia
Defender is a td5, they are known for being very “cold”, specially versions like mine, ROW, with 82c thermostats.

My other cars are Series so also low temps. This is my first small engine in a 4x4 so I’m kind of new. Other friend has a jimny with the same gauge but his sensor is in another location of the engine. He reports 88 to 94.

Also I tend to drive a little hard (gear change 5k-6k most of the time), maybe that have something to do.  Today we were 45 in the sun and drove the engine to its limits for like 20 km. Never went over 96 while running, as soon as I stopped it went to 103 and after 5 minutes it was 98 and kept it for 20 minutes idling with a/c on in the sun. I suppose everything is OK. Thanks a lot.

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