Fully Floating Rear Axle Kit (20 Oct 2021)

Brett and Riccy are please to announce the

G&D Floating Axle Kit

This add-in kit enables you to enhance your Gen3 Jimny to a fully floating rear axle

Full details are in the download file below


File Attachment:

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Remote controller pairing

24 Sep 2021 09:28 #238926 by Bosanek
I bought a used genuine Jimny key with integrated remote controller.

It looks like this one:

I am not interested in the key, only in pairing the remote controller with my Jimny in order to use it to remotely lock/unlock the car.

I tried to pair it according to this official procedure, but I did not succeed:

When I get to the step to press the lock button on the controller, the car does not respond. The battery in the controller measures 3 V.

Any ideas?

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24 Sep 2021 16:44 - 24 Sep 2021 16:54 #238932 by Scimike
Replied by Scimike on topic Remote controller pairing
I can't comment on the validity of the programming procedure, just my own experience with the key you have, particularly as its secondhand.

The open / close buttons gum up with dirt over time and stop working. If you SOAK the buttons in contact cleaner and work them for at least 30 seconds whilst in a puddle of cleaner, then repeat, they start to work again. Do this of course out of the case with the battery removed, the buttons are surface mount mini things on the PCB.
A simple spray with cleaner will not work.

Is it possible this is the issue, is not transmitting?

The link to the programming did not work for me, so apologies if in involves the buttons working to get to the point that failed.

All I can suggest, hope it's this simple.


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24 Sep 2021 23:10 #238933 by yakuza
Replied by yakuza on topic Remote controller pairing
I tried all the tips for programming, and also got the local suziki garage to try but no use. They finally sent a request to a central suzuki register and found my 2005 jimny does not have the reciever.

I bought and mounted an after market ebay thing.

2005 Jimny M16A VVT, 235 BFG MT, 2" Trailmaster, ARB rear lck, 17%/87% high/low gears.

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27 Sep 2021 14:23 - 27 Sep 2021 14:29 #238982 by Bosanek
Replied by Bosanek on topic Remote controller pairing
Thank you both for the suggestions.

I dismantled the remote controller completely apart and found it to be very clean. I cleaned it with alcohol just in case.

Now I suspect that either the controller is faulty (not sending a signal), or that the car does not have a receiver.

However, I did email two local Suzuki dealers asking them for the price of a new remote controller and I included my vehicle's VIN in the query. I got (very expensive) quotes from both of them. So I suppose that they did run a background check and checked that the car has the receiver, otherwise they would not have offered me a new genuine remote controller incl. "pairing".

How do I check if the remote controller is faulty or not, in other words, if it is sending any signal?
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