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Brake fluid

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25 Feb 2021 19:54 #233271 by Rambo
Brake fluid was created by Rambo
Hi all just a quick question (a stupid one I know but I don't know about these things!) I took my jimny into a garage today to have the brake pipes replaced and the brake fluid has been topped up to near the top of the container, is this going to cause a problem as I thought it was a bad thing to fill it past the max line? 

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25 Feb 2021 21:34 - 25 Feb 2021 21:36 #233276 by Scimike
Replied by Scimike on topic Brake fluid
It's a bad Idea.
it may /may not be an issue, but they put a line onfor a reason.
One is fluid needs room to expand, just to compensate for atmospheric temperature, no space = hydraulic lock. The act of braking also puts heat into the system. Could split the bottle or cause brake pressure. If it's a vented cap you get brake fluid leaking, could damage your paint.

Use a bit of kitchen towel to soak some out, or a cheap syringe from a chemist. 

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26 Feb 2021 08:53 #233292 by Busta
Replied by Busta on topic Brake fluid
Yes, use a syrings to suck some out. Ideally the level in the reservior should match the wear on the brake pads. New pads = MAX, then the level drops towards MIN as the pads wear. When you come to replace the pads and push the pistons back into the calipers the level should rise back up to MAX. If it is overfilled (or topped up to max unecessarily) then there is a chance it will overflow.

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26 Feb 2021 13:41 #233306 by DrRobin
Replied by DrRobin on topic Brake fluid
Brake fluid will act as a paint stripper if it spills on paint, so to avoid any rusting of metal parts near the reservoir if it spills I would remove a little.

It doesn't expand or compress very much, only if it gets so hot it boils, but that doesn't happen until over 200C, so unlikely to happen in the reservoir.

It would however, smell a bit if it spilt on the engine or exhaust.

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01 Nov 2022 23:20 #245704 by Stainless
Replied by Stainless on topic Brake fluid
As brake fluid is hygroscopic it’s reservoir level will slowly rise as it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, mainly when the cap is off. You don’t usually notice this level rise, as the fluid level will drop very very slowly, as brake pads wear, and more fluid is used from the reservoir. As has been said, suck some out so it is level with the full line on the reservoir, so if the level does rise, it won’t spill out of the reservoir.

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