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Anyone running on bike carbs

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05 Jun 2019 17:34 #209671 by Riccy
Replied by Riccy on topic Anyone running on bike carbs
Aha! I couldnt remember who it was, so thanks for reminding me Quasi. All good mate, there's been plenty else on the jobs list before thats a priority, but it would be good to get it made up and see if it actually works. That is a different idea to what they are talking about here with a complete manifold change however

Keith yes i do have a small pillar drill, time and skill are the problem there tho :laugh:

J999 MNY M16 VVT
R7me gbox & 5.16 Rocklobster, 33" Toyo MT, 2x ARB Locker diffs, 7" lift, Recaro's, etc

Pickup/tipper, R7me gbox & 4.3 Rocklobster, 31" Toyo MT, 2x ARB Locker diffs, 4" lift, OMP seats, Poly bushd', Caged, etc


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11 Jun 2019 19:17 #209861 by Rhinoman

jackonlyjack wrote: Also found this which would be an easier option maybe

Universal Performance 65MM Intake T6 Aluminum Throttle Body CNC W/ Adapter Plate
Buy It Now

That would only work if the rest of the intake and exhaust system can flow the extra air. I think there was a discussion on larger throttle bodies a few years back - a larger unit from another Suzuki model would be easier to fit and most probably cheaper.

Some Suzukis and a bunch of motorcycles.

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12 Jun 2019 09:00 #209869 by yakuza
Replied by yakuza on topic Anyone running on bike carbs
Friend of mine had this on his car for a while. G16B engine with GSXR1100R (gixxer) carbs. they are a little fiddly to adjust and you will need a special instrument that measures the pressures on each one. also they are a bit sensitive to the fuel pressure so you would on most cases need a fuel pressure regulator. But the car just screamed :) funny noise these make.
It is not a really good offroad mod as it adds uhmpf in the high revs and not so much low(?) and you will need four snorkels and that just looks silly..

I had this planned for my SJ a million years ago, but when the manifold never came, and the carbs was sold right before i got around to buy them it just never happened.

2005 Jimny M16A VVT, 235 BFG MT, 2" Trailmaster, 17%/87% high/low gears.

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