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Dave's "S200KYS" Jimny 'laner Build...

04 Jul 2014 09:21 #119278 by Bits4Vits

Flameboi201 wrote: Looks great mate . Proper job :-)

Thanks! Luvin' yours too... hope to see it at the jimny Meet 2014? ;)

Just dropped the Jimny off at the local garage around the corner, the lads are fitting my JimnyBits (Blue of course!) extended brake lines... errr, yes, I'll rebuild diffs, etc, but won't touch my own brakes... go figure?! (Leave it to the experts!)

Dave :blush:
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04 Jul 2014 15:12 - 04 Jul 2014 15:13 #119298 by Bits4Vits
Matching blue brakelines -

Fitted -

And, meanwhile, I'd spent a while reading through the installation manual for the ARB rear air-operated locking diff, and came to the conclusion that I've not got the tools and/or skills to fit it! So, I of course, once again, contacted "Rockwatt" (Rich Redacted ) and asked him if he'd do it for me...! So with a price agreed, I just need to whip out the diff out on Sunday and send it over to Sunny Scunthorpe with the ARB to get the two expertly combined by the God-of-gearing! B)

The manual mentioned getting the bearings off the original diff carrier and onto the new ARB unit, and I haven't got a set of bearing pullers, or a hydraulic press, and on previous diff builds I've waggled the pinnion flange until it "felt right" :blink: , rather than accurately testing the backlash with a dial indicator, etc... So, this time, with this build, best get it done right... so off it goes to "Rockwatt" on Monday! B)
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  • suzuki jimny fella
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05 Jul 2014 22:58 #119352 by suzuki jimny fella
Replied by suzuki jimny fella on topic Dave's "S200KYS" Jimny 'laner Build...
what kind of price is it to set this up on a jimjam would love a ARB in mine
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05 Jul 2014 23:09 #119358 by idiotmobil
Hot to be around a grand for a arb and compressor maybe a bit cheaper depending on compressor you get

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06 Jul 2014 08:57 #119373 by Bits4Vits
I'd already bought mine to go in the front of a Vitara based buggy... so, yes, although a grand seems a lot, it was more re-using it than anything else...

Plus the Lockrights I have seen in Jimnys (although awesome offroad, do) bang and click a bit... so I decided to reuse my ARB in the back of the Jimny... and a Vitara LSD going in the front :laugh: eventually!

Mine came from an greenlaning mate who as emigrated to Oz', so I got it a bit cheaper too B)

Right, bacon butty and a cuppa and out for the day to do all the electrics and pull the diff out ready to send to Redacted tomorrow... B)
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  • suzuki jimny fella
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06 Jul 2014 23:21 #119440 by suzuki jimny fella
Replied by suzuki jimny fella on topic Dave's "S200KYS" Jimny 'laner Build...
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07 Jul 2014 09:03 - 07 Jul 2014 09:08 #119453 by Bits4Vits

Diff finally out at 7:30pm last night, would have started earlier if I'd known... it's much easier on a Vitara as the bearing retaining plates are seperate to the brake backing plate and can be eased through the centre of the brake assemblies... so I had to make a frantic call to a mate (thanks Gary! B) ) and drag my youngest daugther (thanks Bethan! ;) ) out to hold a crowbar on the end of the shaft to get the diff out -

It's already parcelled up, with the ARB, and awaiting collection by UPS, to wing it's way over to the God-of-gearing, Redacted B)

Meanwhile... the rest of the day had been spent wiring up most of the control panel -

So the front winch controls are working, ARB compressor and actuator, front LED light bar, pair of horns, dual battery split charge...

So the new round red and blue push switches are the horn and flash for the front LED bar...

And note the lighter has been removed and replaced with a USB charger (thanks again to Gary for that for picking it up from an expedition event).

And the CB is installed where the ashtray used to be, with the aeriel on the front winch bumper -

And the iPad holder (to go with the charger), CB Mike and Extension Speaker (to right of Speedo out of shot)

And, I made a start on bolting the rollhoop in, but ran out of the correct size bolts, so will nip out and get some of them today :laugh:

So the Jimny is sat waiting for the diff to come back...

A few more bits to do while it's waiting though ;)
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07 Jul 2014 11:34 #119457 by Tadpole
I'm all done in just reading about it let alone doing the job, well done Bethan ....... ;)

I've just found what I was looking for, it was where I left it ...
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07 Jul 2014 14:52 #119466 by Bits4Vits

Tadpole wrote: I'm all done in just reading about it let alone doing the job, well done Bethan ....... ;)

LOL :laugh: Thanks Tadpole... she quite enjoyed helping for a proper girlie... she's normally out doing ballet or acting and singing, not helping Dad by levering a shaft with a great big dirty crowbar... another pair of willing hands certainly helps! The missus normally pulls a face and sulks out to help :whistle:
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09 Jul 2014 15:35 - 09 Jul 2014 15:51 #119570 by Bits4Vits
BigJimny breather install today B)

Note that I've added the 5 port manifold, as the Redacted Rocklobster box -

... that I got had an 8mm OD breather elbow on the top, so I fitted 8mm pipe into that when I was installing the transfer box... that then -

Pops out from behind the engine and fits into the right side of the manifold, then another piece of 8mm tube comes out of the leftside and sweeps up the driver's side wing and through the black plastic moulded panel under the windscreen...

... and then up the side of the Safari Snorkel and into the snorkels head... highest point on the vehicle, not that it's going to wade that deep... I'd have drowned by then! :laugh:

It just needs a couple of P-Clips to attach the breather tube to these two mounting bolts on the snorkel now...

I then turned my attention to the axles, starting with the rear as the diff is out and has gone to Redacted the God-of-gearing for him to weave his magic over it and combine it with the ARB air-locker I've also sent him... ;)

Whipped the breather cap off and inserted the tap into the top... I've never tapped before, so was pleasently surprised how easy it was! B)

I then carefully threaded the fitting it and tightened it up... again, surprised at how easy it turned out to be!

I then ty-wrapped the breather tube up the offside radius arm, and then along the brake lines past the transfer box, and up...

... behind the engine and into one of the manifold block's ports...

Then the front axle (A small amount of swarf may have fallen into the axle whilst I was tapping the front axle, but this is soon going to be rebuilt with 26 spline shafts and an LSD, so it will have the oil changed soon...)

And into one of the other ports on the bottom of the manifold - note that the third one has a blanking plug in it for now, until I can get to the top of the gearbox and fit the breather there...

So, a very easy breather kit to fit... I must admit I was a little concerned at the thought of internally tapping the existing breathers, but it's a doddle in reality! :) Many thanks to Martin! B) These breather kits are available in the BigJimny store.

As standard the kits come with T-pieces to splice the breathers into one long run of breather tube, like in the picture below, from the full instructions linked here.

As mentioned at the top, I only added a manifold block as my Redacted Rocklobster transfer box had an 8mm OD breather elbow fitting already on it, and I wanted to run the breather tube up into the head of my Safari Snorkel... ;)
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13 Jul 2014 20:27 - 13 Jul 2014 20:30 #119877 by Bits4Vits
Tidying up jobs today...

P-Clips arrived and fitted, nice and tidy job ;)

ARB compressor all wired and plumbed up... B)

All new wiring tested and tidied up with ty-wraps... iPad charging socket now working (blown fuse), it replaced the cigarette lighter... iPad in the right place for viewing with a flick of the eyes...

Little fiddly bolts fitted that stop the radius arm guards rotating... they also act as good mounts for the ABS lines...

Also fitted a reversing alarm ("beep beep beep") into the nearside rear light cluster, just so Phil-S won't reverse into me again if I'm still manoeuvring ;) LOL :laugh:

So, all ready for the Lakes next weekend, just needs the rear diff'n'ARB which is coming back from Redacted the god-of-gearing... he's despatching tomorrow, monday, to arrive with me tuesday, for fitting on wednesday... (my day off) ;)

Just need to load tools and spares, and we're ready to go! :woohoo:

Then... we've decided - due to other commitments - our "little group" is having August 'off'', so that leaves me time to get the 26 spline shafts and LSD into the front axle... does anyone know someone good with gearing to rebuild the LSD into my Jimny front carrier? It needs the bearings swapping over from the original diff onto the LSD, and the backlash setting up properly... can anyone think of someone capable of this..? ;)

Hee hee, better warn Redacted that my front diff will be on it's way too then? :whistle:

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14 Jul 2014 08:33 #119895 by Bits4Vits
MMS from Rich "Rockwatt" last night...

The rear diff with ARB fitted, and ready to come back B)
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