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23/10/09 - Check your oils!

We are off to the TV4x4 Children in Need event at Broxhead Common next weekend (is anyone else coming?).

Anyway I decided that, as everything is running ok, that I would check the car over before the event (normally I woud be fixing things but its in pretty good shape at the moment apart from the Leading arms not being as straight as they should be).

A quick look at the front diff oil revealled a creamy sludge where fresh oil should have been. The first tell tail was when I opened the filler to check the level. I was greeted by a flow of oil. This meant that something had added extra volume to the diff. Undoing the drain plug released a torrent of clear water followed by a stream of oily sludge. It was at least a couple of months back that I went on an event that invovled wading.

Moral of this story, check your diffs regularly. If it looks like this the you have a problem!

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