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I thought it was too good to be true!!

You think you have everything organised and while you're actually on site or with your precious Jimnys everything is under control ..... or is that just an illusion??

Something told me it wouldn't last.  I have nursed our two Suzuki Jimnys along since they were first delivered to me and watched over them like a mother hen with her chicks throughout the journey so far. I've rarely taken my eyes off them (apart from sleeping that is)and have been concerned for their welfare if they're not treated right. I've watched over them through Europe, Hungary, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the hell of Mongolia and the treacherous Russian roads around the top of China to Vladivostock. We completed all the customs paperwork, we cleaned and decontaminated them ready for inspection on arrival in Vancouver and we tucked them up in the container ready for shipping to Hong Kong.  In Hong Kong they would meet the container ship the Arthur Mearsk for their main sea voyage to Vancouver.  We said our goodbyes and thought isn't life wonderful!!

Our container left two days early for Hong Kong to await the Arthur Mearsk.  The little Jimnys were offloaded in Hong Kong as per instructions but there our luck ran out.  When the Arthur Mearsk arrived in Hong Kong to collect it's load the little Jimnys container was overlooked. So the Arthur Mearsk left Hong Kong without them.


The Arthur Mearsk leaves Hong Kong WITHOUT our Jimnys

So that's put our carefully planned itinerary well and truly in the poo. Instead of arriving on or about July 5th they won't be there until on or about July 14th. This means I will have to rewrite the itinerary and reschedule everything as we will be starting the next stage 12 to 14 days later than planned - very frustrating as we know you're all interested to see how we get on in Canada and the US and I am like a cat on a hot tin roof to get going again, but these situations put us to the test and we'll just have to rise to the challenge.  After all, no one said it would be easy.  

Now I've got longer to wait to rejoin my Jimnys I'll write you a few more journey tales, so watch out for them over the next couple of weeks. Les
Original author: Les Carvall
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