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Trials and tribulations

There are times during the project when it seems like we are trying to push a wheelbarrow up a greasy plank, you know how it is, you're running like hell but getting no where. There's Maureen doing Press and PR and Keith doing web and technical and then there's me doing the odd job or two. We could do with more people helping out at times. With little over 9 weeks to go there's still a lot to get done before we depart.

The journey is split into stages and we have 2 crew spaces for each stage. There are still 3 spaces available so if you're in or around your 70's why not make your contribution and join us for an experience of a lifetime, you'll be warmly welcome.

To get back to what I should be talking about, the ups and downs of putting a project of this size together, it’s a constant battle trying to get things right, you know what I mean two steps forward one back. Anyway we were working with Alun Parry from Suzuki to put a professional photo shoot together to go with our Press Releases. I was responsible for getting the Jimnys ready, the crew organized to be available on the day and above all, to talk the guys at the Beaulieu Motor Museum to see if we could use Beaulieu Palace as a back drop for the shoot. They're a great bunch of people and agreed straight away. One last job I had to do the day before the shoot was to make sure our graphics man fit our twitter address @JimnyChallenge to the vehicle windscreens and side windows.

The day of the shoot came, a perfect sunny day, blue sky, the crew and the photographer all arrived on time, and everything was perfect. I was strutting around like a dog with two tails, life is wonderful. We had a great day. Driving back home after the shoot thinking that it’s not that bad, things do go wrong sometimes but when it goes right we can forget the rest. I arrived home wagging my two tails waiting for my wife to tell me “who’s a clever boy then" but instead she said “how long has Jimny been spelt with E?” I looked to where she was pointing and I couldn't believe it, how is it possible that NOBODY noticed it. I felt sick, and minus one tail!! I phoned Trevor who deals with our graphics to ask how this could happen and he confessed to me that he is a bit dyslexic! What could I say. Forget what I said about life being wonderful.


All was not lost though, thanks to technology all the E's were been removed on the photos and they could still be used.


Original author: Les Carvall
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