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23/12/10 - Caliper Rebuild (part 2)

So the work continues on from Part 1 ( Article CLICK HERE )

If you remember we left it at the point where the piston has been cleaned up and checked for a smooth fit into the caliper.


Now you need to insert the rubber seal into the ring inside the caliper. Its not completely clear from the picture below but I have smeared it inside and out with a small amount of Brake Fluid to act as a lubricant for the piston.


Using your fingers slide it into the caliper.

Now to fit the piston and the boot. The boot has a lip on it which goes to the OUTSIDE so that the metal retaining ring can be fitted. Here I have stretched back teh edge of the seal to show the lip where the metal ring will sit.

Again, using your fingers push the boot into place in the caliper and then feed the metal retaining ring carefully into the lip (You do not want to rip the boot!)

Again, wipe the piston with some Brake Fluid and using your fingers pull the boot over the piston. This is a lot easier to write than to do, you will need your best Gynacologist fingers to hook the boot over the piston but you must avoid using sharp tools as you do not want to damage the boot.

Next clean out the grooves where the caliper slider boot will be fitted.

Clean the slider (again I used fine Wet n'Dry paper) and ensure a good smooth fit into the caliper.

Fit the boots by feeding them into the grooves where they rest.

LIGHTLY grease the slider, I am using Red Rubber Grease which does not attack the slider boots.

Now push the sliders into position through the boots. Again this is a lot easier to write than to do. They are a tight fit and tend to push out the opposite boot as they are pushed in. I can only recommend checking everything is clean, seated properly and keep trying!

Below is the finished item, ready to go back onto the car and be bled through.


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