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Day 7 - 31st Aug - Briancon to Saint-Etienne-de-Tinee (France)


6 hours on the trail! A great day on the trails today and with some really amazing scenery made up for the closed trails yesterday. Highlights  were an off road tunnel (Tunnel Parpaillon) one of the highest in Europe which is 2,637m above sea level and was built by the French army in 1900. A high mountain road named Col de la Bonette which is 2,862m above sea level, it had amazing views 360 degrees. Also came across a group of German off roaders (mainly Land Rovers) high up in the mountains who all loved the Jimny and commented saying "that's some serious wheel base". A lot of wildlife spotted today such as marmottes, ferrets, a snake, eagles, cows, goats and sheep! Also came across a war bunker high up in the mountains which Redmond decided to explorer... the tunnels inside went right down into the mountains and went on for miles. He only explored a small section as had a rubbish torch and Becky would not come in! Car is holding up fine, but have a very annoying squeak from the AVO shocks constantly. Back into Italy tomorrow and it is the last day of planned off roading! Sad but a well deserved break for a few days in the hills outside Monaco by the pool is needed. Although sure we will still go exploring in the Jimny! Now time to go and explore / get food in Saint-Etienne-de-Tinee (overnight stop) a small town high up in the French alps 

Day 8 - 1st Sep - Saint-Etienne-de-Tinee to Limone...
Day 6 - 30th Aug - Sauze di Cesana to Briancon

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