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More goodies arrive!


As we all get older things sag at the front, just ask anyone over 50! My Jimny is heavy and my old springs have worn out. However when compared to the new springs the old ones are actually longer! This is more about turns and wire diameter. The new ones have an extra turn and are made of 13mm wire compared to 11mm so I believe they will hold up rather than just compress and sag like the old ones. I can actually press the old ones by hand!

Still, there is a lot of weight up front so I decided to give the springs a fighting chance.

 Dave over at Bits4Vits sells sets of spring spacers to either lift the entire car, correct Jimny lean or simply perk up the front. I selected a pair to help out with my weight problem.

​As you can see, I have a lot of weight up front. A KAP bumper modified by Off-road armory to take a large winch. On the right you can see the old (blue) and new (orange) springs.

The solution is to put a pair of spring spacers up front. So a welcome package promptly arrived from Dave and I will fit them over the weekend. As you can see, the spacers are shaped to fit the springs and also fit over the bump stop and be held firmly in place, a quality product.

Rebuilding the front
A quick test

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