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19/09/14 - The control every Jimny should have!

19/09/14 - The control every Jimny should have!

 A control marked "Jet Drive"!!


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The Jimny geeks amongst you will recognise this as a Dutton.

You also get some additional dashboard controls which are boating related.


This one was based on a pre-2005 Jimny as can be seen by the dashboard (although some components appeared to be post 2005)


He even had one cut in half for demonstration purposes (this one has a post 2005 dashboard with pre-2005 running gear)


A cut-away engine



As can be seen from the last picture, the person I was talking to was Tim Dutton himself ( He said the that car uses Jimnys as a donor car for parts, the amphibious car is built in its own right it does not use the Jimny chassis). He welds up the auto-hubs as they are even more useless after a trip in water. The spare parts after the build go to RhinoRay which is why he seems to have Jimny body shells from time to time.

Even more interesting is what he now does with the electronic transfer box. This is also useless for his requirements but his customers expect their Duttons to be made from new or nearly new components and not a second hand 100,000 miles manual transfer box. Therefore he has developed a manual conversion for the electronic transfer box. This removes the electronics and motors and replaces them with a rotation knob that selects the required mode manually. Tim has promised me some "teaser" pictures of this modification so watch this space!

All ready for tomorr...
New Catalytic Converter

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