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Modifications and Upgrades to our Gen4 Jimny


Over the past few months I have been carrying out some little modifications/upgrades to our Gen4 Jimny and created some video guides.......

The modifications vary from the cosmetic through to the practical. Starting with a cosmetic one, we fitted Sill Covers to Gerald. The Sill Covers come with the Urban pack or as a separate accessory. We had noticed minor scratches appearing in the black vinyl sills and whilst on a visit to the dealer, we saw the Sill Covers on a Jimny and realised that they are hard shiny plastic so more likely to shrug off minor scuffs. Ok, so they are not rock sliders and being plastic will not take any real abuse but we like the look.

Here is a fitting video.

The next upgrade was to fit Front and Rear speaker upgrades. The front speakers are fairly puny and, although the wiring is in place, there are no rear speakers at all. Suzuki do upgrade kits to let you replace the front speakers and install rear speakers.

The Kits are here:



Here are the installation videos.

The next upgrade was an armrest for the interior. Armrests are not an option on the Jimny from the factory but we like to have something to rest on. My own criteria is that it should look as "factory fit" as possible, there are some cheap Ebay armrests around that look a but, ummm, cheap!

The armrests are available in the BigJimny shop:

Storage version

Slimline version

Here is the installation video I have prepared.

Another Dealer option is the Reversing Camera. This is the official Suzuki reversing camera which matches the entertainment system fitted to the UK SZ5 model. If you have the same head unit in your country then this will be compatible but make sure before ordering (for example, Australia has the same head unit but local dealers fitted a lower quality camera unit). An advantage of this factory unit is that it shows lines on the screen to assist with reversing.

The camera can be bought from here

Here is the video:

Fitting a lift kit to a Gen4 Jimny
Baofeng DM-9HX DMR

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