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Baofeng DM-9HX DMR

Notes on the programming and use of a DM-9HX DMR Radio.

I have put these together as a simple reminder to myself on "how I did it" and also as a help to others. The challenge with Digital Radio is that it is binary, it either works or it doesn't, there is no inbetween version of "I can just hear you " or "it nearly works". Playing around with DMR, you will hear a lot of silence!

DMR for Amateurs has evolved from commercial digital systems such as Tetra etc. This means the firmware code in radios tends to be similar to that you would expect to find in a police/security/PMR device, ie. channels are all pre-programmed and the end user has little or no control over channel settings in day to day use. Therefore a lot of the work setting it up is done from the computer and not the radio. Apparently a high end radio such as the Anytone 878 will allow much more Amateur "on the fly" programming, but the Baofeng DM-9HX is only around £65 so the intelligence is in the computer setting up and not the radio.

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