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Dave's "S200KYS" Jimny 'laner Build...

17 Jun 2016 14:00 #168739 by maverick

That's some rout Dave I'm looking forward to a little read soon ;)

Yeah, that Route Planner has been working over-time - who is he/she?

Just think how long the Blog will take to write and how long "Brett's Videos" will be take to upload?!

Maybe Dave will be writing two Blogs, one for each day?


Jalapeño, IISY?
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17 Jun 2016 14:40 #168740 by Daniel30
Looks good maverick all to clever for me :silly: it's a great team effort you guys have going on ;)
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28 Jun 2016 15:23 #169264 by X8GGY
Blogs of our weekend in the Lake District now published! There's three altogether - Tight and Scratch Group Day One (Saturday) and Day Two (Sunday) and the Scenic Group's two days in one Blog, you can see them all in the right menu bar of the website, here - www.bits4vits.co.uk
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06 Jul 2016 14:54 #169640 by X8GGY
Maintenance Day! (After the Lake District Weekend...

Drained Engine Oil
Removed Steering Bars, partly to...
Changed Oil Filter
Refilled with fresh oil
Replaced Tie Rod Ends on both steering bars
Replaced Rear Prop as UJ at t-box end furbared
Went to mate's garage for laser alignment tracking
Changed front passenger wing, trimmed, painted, refitted Defender extended arch

Discovered rear winch isolator switch under the bonnet furbared, so ordered a new one (and a spare) ready for the weekend...

Always something to do, and always involves money! :(

Ho-hum, ready for the next adventure though... Scheduled for the 14th of August though, might have to sneak out before then, can't wait that long! ;)
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06 Jul 2016 18:13 #169670 by Daniel30
nice little list to keep you out of trouble there Dave ;)

think i would have a heart attack if i had that to do to mine :sick: :woohoo:
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29 Jul 2016 13:39 - 29 Jul 2016 13:40 #170672 by X8GGY
My transfer box knob kept falling off...

So I got these off eBay!

'5' for the Gears, '4' for the 4x4

:blush: :woohoo:

Dave "Easily Pleased Magpie" Jones :P
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29 Jul 2016 14:30 #170680 by Paul_sterling
Looks epic Dave !


Paul Sterling
2015 Jimny SZ4+, 1996 Toyota Hilux Surf, 2014 Mercedes W204 C-Class
(previously) 1994 Vitara JLX SE 16v, 2000 Vitara JX 8v
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29 Jul 2016 17:04 #170692 by JimnyMax
Great thread here full of useful information. This Jimny's build rocks, well done Dave! B)

2000 Auto Jimny named Black Widow!
2" Lift
205/70/15 - Insa Turbo Dakar
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29 Jul 2016 19:39 #170702 by X8GGY
Thanks Paul & Max ;)

As it says at the bottom of my number plate... S200KYS "A LIFELONG OBSESSION" :whistle:
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07 Aug 2016 16:10 - 07 Aug 2016 16:14 #171075 by X8GGY
Got up early and walked the dogs this morning, with the intention of getting out and working on the Jimny, but a full Welsh cooked breakfast and some catch-up telly got in the way! :laugh:

But come mid-day I was ready for a tinker...

I checked the Jimny over trying to find the cause of the death wobble I get from time to time...

Whilst under Jim' I remember one task I meant to do though...

The angle of the steering damper... with everything else nice and (fairly) parallel to the front axle (Zanfi Drop Pitman Arm, Zanfi Panhard Rod Drop Bracket, Redacted custom stainless Panhard rod), it sticks out like a sore thumb, and can't work efficiently at that angle..

The old ORA steering damper chassis bracket ...

Needs to be another 3" longer I reckon...

And the old one has managed to BEND somehow?! :blink:

So I drew round the old brackets (they'll be going on the red Jimny = recycling!) and elongated the outer bracket...

Cut them out and drilled them, and then cut and bent a side tab up to strengthen them...

And then decided to do the other side a bit to match and further strength the mount now it's 3" longer...

Sprayed them, dried them with a hot air gun, had a cuppa...

Fitted them...

That's better! B)

And then decided to go and 'test' it :laugh: on a couple of local greenlanes, just to round off a Sunday afternoon...

Barbecue is on, family are in the hot-tub, so a quick shower and go and join them...

Enjoy your Sundays too! B) ;)
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07 Aug 2016 16:20 - 07 Aug 2016 16:23 #171076 by X8GGY
The rest of the 'laning photos -

The two 'lanes over at Tremechion... a couple of miles from my house...

Still not eradicated the DW's... but I think it might be a warped disk, or passenger side kingpin bearings... there's no 12-to-6 wheel wobble though? Anyway, we're in Yorkshire next Sunday, so it'll have to wait for now...
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07 Aug 2016 16:30 #171077 by gusthegorilla
I'd have given an arm and a leg for some of that shade today, Dave....Saharan heat here all day, absolutely draining :sick:

Great job on the steering damper, mate...oh to have such facilities :whistle:

I'm planning to live forever.....so far, so good !!
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