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12/8/08 - Future Rust Problem?

One of the MOT failure points for my car was headlamp aim. Therefore I have pulled the headlamps out to clean and oil the adjusters and check the adjuster motors (UK Spec. models can have a headlamp leveling system).

The headlamps are pretty straight forward to remove, simply underdo all the wiring on the rear (unplug the lead from the main bulbs and twist out the indicator and sidelight bulbs,  prise off the headlamp adjuster power connector with a screwdriver) then undo the two screws (one top and one side) and then lever out the unit (this can require quite a push as there are two plastic locating pegs at the bottom rear that need to be dislocated).

With the headlamps removed I saw this........


Mud trapped behind the headlight and water filling the bodymount along with surface rust on the metal, remember mine is only 5 years old.


This looks like a real potential rust point for Jimnys in the future.

Mine is supposed to be glavanised but I think it has had a bodywork repair at the front as there are some minor wrinkles in the inner wings and some seam welding (manufacturers Spot weld). So the intention is to brush it down, paint it with Kure-rust and put a coat of Hammerite on it.

This should ensure that it is ok in the future. 

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