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24/7/08 - MOT Failure

So it never rains but it pours!

 Having rebuilt the entire rear end (trailing arm bushes) and replaced the front shock absorber rubbers I put it in for an MOT.

The failure list was extensive:

Front sidelight bulb - it was working when I tested it

Front nearside kingpin bearing - fair cop it was worse than I thought

Front offside Kingpin bearing - again worse than I thought

Front nearside wheel bearing - looked fine to me but now its in bits I can hear the noise 

Brake imbalance at the rear - going to be hard to find as the brakes are all new.

But strangest of all - Roll Cage!

Having passed the MOT in the last few years the Roll Cage managed to fail on "obscuring Area A on the windscreen"


I dont know quite what has provoked this but apparently a number of cages have failed around the UK recently.


Also got a warning notice about the front winch and recovery points being dangerous (this is not a fail - just warning that its not pedestrian friendly)

Also a warning about marginal imbalance in the front brakes :(

So no off-roading for me - back to the workshop





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