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22/10/10 - The Parts have arrived

You will have read  how I ended last seasons driving..... SEE HERE

And how after a summer of boating I returned to start some work...SEE HERE

And how I am not alone in this task....SEE HERE

Well with bookings coming in for the BigJimny Meet at Tong, my trailer booked for the event and the boat put away for the winter its time to start.....



This is the frightening sight in my garage with only 6 weeks to go to the event!

Yes- there is a Jimny under there somewhere!!

If you remember, virtually everything has been destroyed or worn out in or on  the Front Axle and I am going to have to re-build or replace it all, I am going to creat a full write up as I do it.

First I needed some replacement shock absorber bushes, so it was over to the Bits4Vits Shop for these...

Now I don't usually bother with changing the next item as I find they only need a wipe down when I change the Kingpins, but as I am doing the full rebuild I got some of these...

Yes, they are the Swivel Seals, I don't bother stoking them in my shop as the cheapest place to get them is Ebay.

If you have read the previous articles you will have seen that the Leading arms are bent and the bushes (which were Castor Correction bushes) were totally worn out. My Jimny has a 3" lift which is really outside of the limits of Castor Correction bushes whcih only fully work for 2" lifts.

So, thanks to Rob at Off-Road Armory, I treated myself to a set of these.......

These new design arms come complete with a lifetime guarantee so its up to me to put them to the test. They certainly look the part and I will be writing up a full article on the installation of these as well. These have built in correction for a 3" Lift so I can now fit standard bushes. As I bought a full set (rears not shown in picture) I get the free bush insertion tool as well.

Of course, new arms need new bushes. There are a few available around the Internet, I went for ADK ones from Camskill for the front bush set (I will be leaving changing the rears til later - one job at a time is enough!)

The observant amongst you will notice that one is missing - ADK/Camskill are now out of stock in the UK til 2011 8)

Finally for the Panhard rods I am trying out my own replacement Panhard Rod bushes

These are not currently in the shop as I have only sent one set out on trial which were reported as being ok, but I am having trouble fitting them myself into my new product.... adjustable Panhard Rod set...

These are going to be available on an exchange basis at around £80 per set which includes being strengthend with a re-inforcing protective shield. These will not be avaiable until they have been a bit more tested as an initial trial seemed to indiacte if was possible to get extreme Jimny Wobble under some conditions.


And last, but not least.

A handle of M12 x 1.25mm Metric Fine Bolts for the bits of the suspension I had to cut off, not particularly easy to find in the required lengths but a call to AHC in Camberley soon sorted that out (although note that I had to call and go into the shop, they do not seem responsive to emails/web messages)

And so to the work, you will recall that part of the problem was a silly "Diff Guard" bodge welded to the Diff Pan, this had damaged the diif housing letting the oil leak out. Therefore I got a friend to put a stitch weld along the seam of the pan - upside down and painted black in this picture (Thanks Rob). So I just need to weld up the oval hole in the mount...onwards and upwards as they say!!


24/10/10 - Welding up the Axle
19/10/10 - TonkaJimnys Jimny
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