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07/07/08 - Cargo net mod from Chris

A modification sent in by Chris - Many thanks.
As my Jimny is also my daily drive, one of the things that I don't always enjoy is the lack of useful storage space. This led me to conclude that the concave space in the rear door needed to be used, otherwise it is wasted space, so I made this little modification...

The net cost me £6.31 from ebay (including postage) and I've used about 1/4 of what I bought, the bungee cord came with the net. The little tabs are made from cheap nylon webbing, to make 8 of them used about 1.5ft of strap. By taking the door card off I was able to drill through and use washers on the back side to give the whole assembly a lot more strength, which I hope will prevent the nuts from pulling through the plastic door card. It's ideal for holding waterproofs, hi-vis vests, gloves, shopping bags etc, and they will fold flat into the door if the boot is full of other stuff :mrgreen:

08/07/08 - ASBOJimny at Drumclog
04/07/08 - Smiffy and Macs ASBOJimny
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