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07/10/11 - Iain Prophet in the Pyrenees

Iain Prophet from this forum took a break to the Pyrenees and sent in some pictures and a write up for us to enjoy - thanks!!


Our adventure started as my Wife and I planned to take 3 days to drive down to Spain, a distance of around 800 miles, to meet up with Barry From Waypoint tours. The adventure started before we go there as on the Second day driving down we were rear ended by a German guy in a Merc on the Motorway. His car was a mess (sorry no photos) and we had no damage, or so  I thought until 10 miles later the rear wheel bearing collapsed and we spend 2 days waiting for a Peugeot garage to repair it. When the car was finally ready at 5pm we drove overnight to catch up with the tour which was just outside of Andorra. The next day was spend up in the mountains with some very dusty, steep and bumpy lanes but it had a superb view, The Group we were travelling with was very friendly and funny, in the group there was 3 Land Rovers and 2 Toyotas and me. In the evening after you set up camp, Barry cooks Dinner for everyone and he is an awesome chef, it was a nice evenings with a few ciders.

On the last day it was very hot (45 Degrees) and in the mountains  my jimny Overheated after a lot of slow engine braking. After that, every 2 hours, the water from my radiator emptied and the oil looked like mayonnaise?? The last lane we did was a lot of Rocks, Deep Ruts and Climbs and Mud and we hit our rear prop which meant it started to click like mad. On our way home we stopped to wash the car in the Mediterranean Sea. We did 1000 miles to get back to the ferry and I was quite impressed we did it with out the engine dying as I learned when I got it home and down to Rhino Rays that the Head Gasket and Radiator had gone. It was Super trip and I would definatly do it again. Waypoint tours Is a Superb Holiday.


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09/10/11 - Time for more work!
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