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28/11/07 - Hand Throttle

Again,thanks to Andy for this one. Most off-roading involves low speed maneuvoring and control. This can be difficult to achieve on the foot throttle, particularly when winching out of a problem. With winching you need to achieve a slow steady rotation off the wheels or a steady charging current from the alternator to assist the batteries, therefore steady control of the throttle is required....


The pictures below show Andy's solution to the problem. A friction lever from a cycle gear change is fitted to the gearstick and then routed through to the throttle pedal. By adjusting the lever and friction delicate constant control of the throttle is possible. Since these pictures were taken Andy has relocated the throttle control down to the centre console as the constant movement of the gearstick meant that the control kept coming loose.


Andy's hand throttle picture

Andy's Hand Throttle connection to the accelerator


27/11/07 - Andy's Jimny
27/11/07 - Rear Wheel Carrier
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