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24/01/08 - Andy's Rocklobster Conversion

There must be a craze at the moment - a number of people are building and installing RockLobster Transfer boxes to Jimnys at the moment.

Between us there are a variety of solutions, I am going down the Offroad Armory route whilst others are going through the Rob Storr,  DGTuning or Home Made routes.

Andy Whalley is working through the Home Made route.

As a reminder, this is Andy's Jimny.....


And so to the work.....

First is the creation of the RockLobster, I have written a guide for this here

As part of this work Andy has sent in pictures of dismantling the SJ Transfer box. The flange nuts are notoriously tough and Andy's pictures show how he has made up a locking bar out of Angle Iron that then lets you really swing on the Flange Nut with the hub nicely locked down.


The other problem ofen experienced is getting the handbrake drum off. This is often stuck on the hub and the brake shoes. Andy made up a hub puller to pull it off. He welded a large nut to a plate which bolts to the drum. By winding a bolt through the nut the hub is pulled off




 More pictures to follow as work progresses.


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