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NEW YORK, NEW YORK ..... they made it!!!

Across sixteen countries and through three continents they've completed the land journey in New York.

They began their journey back in March from Southampton. They've travelled through Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan. Mongolia and back into Russia to Vladivostok. Leaving Vladivostock the Jimnys undertook the first of their major sea voyages across the North Pacific Ocean, arriving in Vancouver. They travelled up to Anchorage Alaska then down through Canada and the centre of North America arriving in New York last night our time.  

The little Suzuki Jimnys and their crews will have covered in the region of 17,000 road miles. What an amazing feat for the old guys!! 

Just before they arrived in New York Les thought they should have another go at camping.  This time they were talking to one another, so the tent went up without any paddies from anyone.  


Although Les had his man (Glyn) stand out in the sun with the brolly to keep the sun of him. Glyn sweats a lot when he stands in the sun so Les told him to stand back a bit so he didn't drip on him! Funny thing about that Glyn, Les says, he seems to be 6 inches shorter now than when he arrived at Vancouver!!!!!!

Now they get the Jimnys ready for their second major sea voyage back to Southampton. 

Original author: Les Carvall
An Email From One Of Crew To Les On
What has Les done now???
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