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25/05/08 - Adding a CB Radio

CB Radio is used in offroading, either for keeping in touch on a Play site or whilst green laning. With all the switch gear and other dash board wiring there is no room below the dashboard for the CB. Therefore I had to find somewhere to fit the radio.

The radio is quite small so it can fit directly to the centre console by the tranmission tunnel, as shown in the picture. The wiring then fits neatly under the centre console itself.


The next debate is where to put the aerial. On previous vehicles I have put the aerial on the roof, only to have it destroyed very quickly by trees and branches. Even the most flexible of aerials quickly succome.

However, pictures of trucks from Australia show that the front bumper is a popular place. This serves two purpose, you can see where the front of the car is when driving in narrow situations and as the aerials are low they do not hit trees (or if they do you can see it coming and would have to stop anyway as the windscreen is the next thing the trees will hit!)

The picture below shows the mount.

I am also a radio amateur (callsign G1SEO). Although I do not use ham radio whilst off-roading I do use the Jimny elsewhere. Therefore I have put my Radio Ham aerial on the front bumper as well.

The radio itself is attached to the top of the dashboard using velcro strips. Although this will not secure it for off-roading it is secure enough for normal use.

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