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29/02/08 - Winch Wiring - dashboard

So having got the wiring looms in, the next stage is to add in the winch wiring. I want to put a remote switch in the dash board, a second battery in the boot and the winch solenoids under the bonnet.

The winch controls will go into the dashboard. There is a handy pocket in the radio/clock mounting frame (shown with a piece of white card inserted) that will take a switch module.

To see how this progresses look at the "Read More" link......

This pocket is easily removed and adapted as it is held on the sides by screws. In fact it looks as if the whole unit could take a Double DIN radio if this unit was unscrewed.

I created a small "U" shaped piece of aluminium to fit into the panel and cut out holes for two switches - one "master" off/on (note: this purely controls the solenoid power and is not an overall isolator for the winch) and an "IN/OUT" switch for the winch itself. Rather than purchase an expensive pre-built switch I found that the aircraft style switch covers are available from Maplin Electronics for a far cheaper sum. The switch cover can be found HERE.

Using the switches and the aluminium this builds up to make a switch unit.

This then inserts into the unused pocket in the radio frame next to the clock. A hole has been punched in the rear of the pocket for the wires to exit.

As can be clearly seen below, the use of the "U" shaped aluminium plate means that a self tapping screw can be inserted top and bottom to hold the switch plate firmly in position.

I think this makes for a reasonably tidy installation and utilises a pocket that really is useless as it is too small for most things.

The pictures below show the finished article fitted in the car. 


The finished item -  securely wired switches and a re-fitted radio.

The picture below is a reminder of how it looked before I started! 


And so on to the under bonnet work.... 


29/02/08 - Winch Wiring - Under bonnet.
02/03/08 - Wheel Arch Liners
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