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26/06/09 - Gauges and Scan Tool

Here is a nice little gadget I found on the Internet...


This plugs into the diagnostic socket under the dash and gives you 4 main functions...

1. Digital Gauges

2. Trip computer

3. Scan Tool

4. Black Box Flight recorder

In the box you get the computer, OBD cable, USB cable, Manual and Programming cord. The USB programming cord and software is for updating the unit.

It is a nice small unit, sensibly it gives you two connector positions so you can either have the connector cable coming out the side or the rear, see the picture below.


It has a nicely illuminated display and auto switches on and off with the ignition, you can configure which display it comes up with first - the picture below shows the main menu.

The first thing I did was to look at the stored diagnostic codes in my ECU. The pictures below show:

Fault 1: P0105 - DTC P0105 (DTC No.11) Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Circuit Malfunction

Fault 2: P0335 - DTC P0335 (DTC No.23) Crankshaft Position (CKP) Sensor Circuit Malfunction

Still the MIL light is not on which suggests these are old codes and, as you can see, I can press the ERASE button

It has a "Gauge Mode" - here it is showing that I am stationary, with the engine idling at 790 RPM, water temp is 154 deg F and the battery is at 14.6 volts

In trip mode it shows more detail. I am burning 0.1 Gallons per hour, I have 0 gallons left and, as I am not moving the Avergae MPH and Miles to fill up are ---

It shows you a good number of engine parameters and trip parameters. Each trip is recorded automatically and averages are maintained.

In Back Box mode it records up to 300 hours of information.

Before I can run it in these modes I need to go through a fuel tank fill/empty routine to set it so it knows the capacity etc. of my fuel tank.

The only issue I have found so far is that it only works in EITHER metric OR imperial rather than a mix of both. I would like to see MPH/MPG with temperatures in Centigrade. You can only have MPH/MPG with Farenheit or KPH/LPK with Centigrade.

I bought mine from -

It would have been nice to stock it in the BigJimny shop but the minimum order quantity is 50 units! - If you like it tell where you saw it!

The full specification is below (cut and paste from manufacturers site).....

MaxiTrip TP100
This innovative 4-in-one automotive
computer from Autel is exactly what is
needed for real-time engine monitoring,
failure prevention and trip tracking. The
compact and intelligent gadget includes
4 most useful modes: trip computer, digital gauges, scan tool and vehicle black box.
Trip Computer
The MaxiTrip TP100 is a compact automotive computer designed to monitor information about your vehicle in real time. It will display such useful information as average trip MPG, tank MPG, average speed per trip, average speed per tank of gas, miles to empty, miles driven on tank, and more.

Maximum Speed Average Speed Driving Time
Driving Distance Fuel Used Trip Fuel Economy
Distance to Empty Time to Empty Fuel to Empty

Digital Gauges
The MaxiTrip„ TP100 can be configured to measure and monitor up to four different sets of information simulta-
neously, providing real-time engine performance analysis, allowing you to adjust driving behavior and save gas.

Vehicle Speed (MPH) Manifold Pressure Battery Voltage
Engine Load Coolant Temperature Throttle Position
Intake Air Temperature Ignition Timing Engine Speed (RPM)
Closed/Open Loop Water Temperature  

Scan Tool
The MaxiTrip„ TP100 will also work as a scan tool that is able to help you troubleshoot problems of all OBD2/EOBD compliant vehicles.

  • Works with all 1996 and later OBDII compliant vehicles
  • Reads & clears trouble codes
  • Easily determines the cause of the Check Engine Light ( MIL)
  • Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), and resets monitors
  • Views freeze frame data
  • Displays monitor and I/M readiness status(emissions)
  • Retrieves vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN)
    Vehicle Black Box
    The MaxiTrip TP100 will be able to save up to 300 hours of your driving data. It works as a vehicle black box to store every trip you make. The information it records includes:
  • Time and date for each trip
  • Distance travelled each trip
  • Maximum speed during trip
  • Time overspeed
  • Number of times of deceleration limit exceeded during trip
  • Number of times of acceleration limit exceeded during trip
  • Hard accelerations and braking
    The MaxiTrip TP100 is perfect for
  • Auto enthusiasts, hobbyists and DIYers
  • Drivers who care for engine performance and fuel economy
  • Parents of young drivers
  • Business owners
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