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BigJimny WIKI

BigJimny WIKI

​BigJimny is changing.

Thanks to an idea from Chris Rowson (Leftcase), BigJimny now has a Wiki. A Wiki is a source of information supplied and maintained by users i.e. you!

Previously people had suggested that whilst there was lots of information on this site, it was hard to find and the built in search tools were less than perfect. Chris suggested a WIKI and also volunteered to be an administrator. I enabled the WIKI on my server and Chris has spent some time formatting it.

It is live and available from the menu above, see here

I will start transferring in the old information.

The WIKI is fully open for YOU to add information. Using your normal BigJimny login you can add information yourself or correct/change errors where you see them. At the moment users are permitted to do pretty much anything, we will see how that works out.

The formatting of a WIKI entry can be frightening to a non-IT user but please remember that we just want your information. If you type in a few sentences with no fancy formatting then that is fine, we can then make it look pretty for you.

Give it a go now!

The only thing I ask is that if you think a category is missing (i.e. you do not know where to enter your knowledge) then feel free to ask us first so that we can keep control of the overall structure,

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