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07/03/10 - Nellies Dell

So with it being the first Sunday of the month it was off to Nellies Dell. As always it's been a bit touch and go whether we would be able to go. The replacement (updated design) axle shaft retainers from Muddyzook appeared at the end of last week and had to be fitted before I could go anywhere as my use of the hub backing plate was causing problems. However, I decided that one of the rear wheel bearings needed to be replaced whilst I had it all in bits so I did that as well.

On Thursday I took it for the tracking to be done and they found that the rear axle is about 2 cm off-set to the drivers side, looks like I will need to fit my adjustable panhard rods!. When I fitted the new axle shaft retainers I took it for a test drive and there is a lot of rubbing noises coming from the back, particularly every time you turn a corner. So as the Jimny leans something is moving and rubbing. Also there another re-occurence of the "Death Wobble". As my joints, bearings, wheel balancing, wheel alignment (front) and steering damper are all correct and good then there is something else to find and fix there somewhere.

So with rubbing noises from the back, a shimmy as I went through 30 MPH and a leaking front-diff it was off to Nellies Dell (well I needed to get out and drive it, I have spent a while underneath it this month).


James loves "hugging" the trees when he drives! He claims this one "just jumped out"

11/03/10 - Gionni's Jimny
03/03/10 - Next outing

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