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Jack disaster

08 Feb 2024 17:56 #254143 by jackonlyjack
Replied by jackonlyjack on topic Jack disaster
If your Jimny has standard suspension an adjustable one maybe a little bit to long. 
Jimnybits do a standard HD replacement 
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08 Feb 2024 20:23 #254145 by Wailin
Replied by Wailin on topic Jack disaster
Thanks for the helpful advice folks. Jack, I couldn't find the standard panhard rod so had already ordered the adjustable one. But I've been planning on a 40mm lift anyway so that will fit ok once lifted.

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08 Feb 2024 22:24 #254153 by Phaeton
Replied by Phaeton on topic Jack disaster
We can all do silly things every now & again, I put the front of the Shogun up on the car ramps the other month, you know the standard ones the ones  you drive up, not a proper garage one, I left it in P, I then proceeded to jack the back end up with a trolley jack. As the rear wheels left the ground & due to the size of the front wheels the car slowly reversed itself off the ramps with me laid on the floor behind it. Luckily I managed to roll to the side in time, but it was closer than I would have liked. I now chock the front wheels onto the ramps with a chunk of wood to stop it happening again, but I don't like being under it now, it's over 2,2T 

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  • rogerzilla
  • Visitor
  • Visitor
09 Feb 2024 11:01 #254162 by rogerzilla
Replied by rogerzilla on topic Jack disaster
I used to jack up the MX-5 every winter and lower the wheels onto "tyre savers" while it was laid up in the garage.  Jacking the front was no problem with the rear wheels braked and chocked but jacking the rear was nervy - with the front wheels only able to be chocked, and being a RWD car, it always felt as if it was about to launch itself into the back wall of the garage.

After a couple of years of this I decided it was safer just to put an extra 20psi in the tyres and roll it alternately forward or backward every fortnight in the garage to avoid flat spots.

The best thing about working on a Jimny is that it doesn't need to be raised for many jobs - just shimmy underneath.

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