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13500lbs winch - max size battery to fit tray?

11 May 2017 07:46 #181138 by Venter
Look at getting a ground anchor for open area recoveries when you're on your own (either pin-type or spade, both work well).

There are a few that you can disassemble, so won't take up too much space.

As far as winches go, this is what I'll be getting:

Superwinch - Winch to Go

Will be more than sufficient for the occasional recovery, and you can go for a dual line pull if you're really bogged down. You have option of steel or synthetic rope. I'm thinking steel as it won't be mounted externally so maintenance will be easier. Also will negate the need for external winch plate, as just the recovery eyes will do, so keeps weight down.

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12 May 2017 13:10 #181168 by psycholist
There's something suspicious about the claimed performance of this winch (Though pretty much everything I've looked at in portable winches makes claims that break the laws of physics a lot more badly than this one).

This winch uses 4.8 mm cable, the best minimum breaking load I've seen googling for wire rope properties is around 3600 lbf for 5 mm wire rope, which is short of the 4000 lbf capacity of the winch and usually a factor of safety of around 5 is applied for lifting operations (Though I'm no expert in this).

The motor is 1.4 hp, which is 1044 W. The max current draw figure of 220 A gives a power of 12 V x 220 A = 2640 W, so if the motor efficiency is actually 40%, which is very low as electric motors go, the rest of this energy has to be converted to heat and noise - mostly heat unless it deafens everyone near it every time it runs. This means it'll run very hot.

The good news is that the pulling figures are believable unlike most of what I've seen on ebay. With a 1.4 hp motor pulling at 1.6 m/min, a force of 8790 lbf can be generated at 100% mechanical efficiency. Given the 166:1 reduction gearbox a sub 50% efficiency here is quite possible, so the 4000 lbf pull is believable. For anyone who wants to check my calculations Power (W) = Force (N) x Velocity (m/s).

Hopefully the max current draw is the fuse or battery CCA rating rather than steady state draw at full load, but the breaking load of the cable worries me a little unless the figures I found already include a factor of safety. It's still the best option I've seen by some margin because its pulling power claims are believable and it comes with most of the rest of the gear needed and a box to hold everything in too. A ground anchor and a wide sling to avoid chewing the bark off trees are the other items that would be handy. It's a shame they don't give the dimensions of the box though. Jimnys aren't very big and it would be nice if I could check whether it fitted behind the back seats before buying, otherwise I'll lose a back seat to it.

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12 May 2017 14:04 #181169 by Venter
Interesting assessment there psycholist, thanks. The cable strength is a concern. I don't think it'll be a deal-breaker for me, as any recoveries will be just the Jimny, but I'll definitely not be cutting any corners as far as safety precautions go, now that you've pointed that out. The other factors I can deal with as it's a repuatable brand (not some eBay fly-by-night operator), and my expections will be in line with it being one of their cheapest offerings.

The dimensions from the Superwinch website are difficult to see (not sure if the pic is low resolution or if it's my screen), but here is what I could make out:

L =15.12"
W = 12.00"
H = 9.75"

The dimensions pic is at the bottom of the following web page, so not sure if you can see them any more clearly:


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12 May 2017 15:07 #181172 by psycholist
It's still the best option I've seen so far by quite some margin. I love the way it's packaged in its own box. Being able to use it for more than just a front winch makes it very attractive too, as I can see it doing a bit of lifting in the garage on occasion too. Time to measure the boot space in the Jimny to see whether it will fit and then put a few quid together to buy it - I've signed up for their email just in case they have a sale :).

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12 May 2017 15:30 #181173 by 1066Boy
Portable one are so much more useful. The strangest use that mine gets is putting up the Christmas tree at work.
Its outside the shop and normally 25-30' :)

Jimny JLX Facelift model 2005.
Kashmir Blue Pearl Metallic.
2" lift with Procomp Es1000 shocks.
Diff and transfer box guards from Jimnybits.
215/75/15 General Grabber x3's
and a driver called Allan (1066Boy)

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12 May 2017 16:02 #181178 by Venter
Portable makes a lot of sense for occasional use. For my work I need both a rear and front winch so that ticks that box without spending silly amounts of money.

Also, the 166:1 ratio is pretty good as far as the cheaper winches go, a lot of the more powerful ones in the lower price range have ratios of well over 200:1.

Anyone able to make out the dimensions on the Superwinch website? Not sure those figures I posted are correct.

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14 May 2017 21:45 #181245 by Busta
The idea of a portable winch makes a lot more sense to me. Having a winch solely fixed to the front makes it's usefulness in day-to-day self recovery very limited.

Goodwinch also offer a winch-in-a-box system: www.goodwinch.com/product-category/winch-in-a-box/

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15 May 2017 11:35 #181252 by Venter
That Goodwinch one also looks a good option, nice how they've given it the attachment for the towbar. Guess that being a 4000lb winch means that the forces aren't enough to make the towbar pull dangerous. Although it probably depends more on the quality of the towbar than anything else.

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15 May 2017 19:01 #181258 by Busta
It's aggressive snatching on low rated tow balls that cause issues. But they can easily handle the forces generated by a winch. If they are good enough for 500hp SUVs rated to tow 3.5 tons then I think a 4000lb winch will be fine.

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