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Fitting a rear spoiler..

26 Oct 2022 13:58 #245594 by HardtopSoftop
I've just acquired a rear spoiler for my Jimny.
Has anyone had success fixing it on with an adhesive,or is it best to drill and bolt?Thanks.

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26 Oct 2022 14:09 #245595 by DrRobin
Replied by DrRobin on topic Fitting a rear spoiler..
I haven't fitted a spoiler on my Jimny, it doesn't go fast enough for one, so not sure of the best method, however, there is a wiki article here:



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26 Oct 2022 14:30 #245596 by 300bhpton
Replied by 300bhpton on topic Fitting a rear spoiler..
What sort of age vehicle is it?

Drilling may well cause potential rust generation locations and/or water ingress. Plus the need to remove trim. But would provide the most solid fitment.

I believe the 4th Gen JimnyStyle vehicle (the one on their site) only uses 3M tape to hold the spoiler in place.

No need to drill and easy fitment. Although I guess given enough time it may not hold as well, but I really wouldn't like to say. It might have the potential to damage the paint, but shouldn't if it was well polished before sticking in place.

I guess worse case would be if it did fall off, you may not know until some time later on.

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26 Oct 2022 16:32 - 26 Oct 2022 16:35 #245598 by Scimike
Replied by Scimike on topic Fitting a rear spoiler..
If you are going to glue it on try this stuff
Its the poor man's Tiger Seal (it's the same stuff without the ££££)

Also available in white.

The good:
It sticks like nothing on earth once set, so don't get it wrong.
The bad
It can take up to 24hour to cure and it gets everywhere, so masking tape and gloves required. But once set it's a bugger to get off.

It is very good. Always have some in my freezer for trim panels and glazing / sealing on my automation projects.

That said I have never seen a Jimny spoiler and so am not sure how they are supposed to fix.

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27 Oct 2022 18:34 #245621 by HardtopSoftop
Thanks for the replies...As said,Jimnys don't need a spoiler, so it is purely a personal thing to fit one...Someone l know mentioned Tigerseal so I'll probably go down the adhesive route..
THanks again...

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