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Gen 4 Suspension - Help with Wind and Body side to side

29 Dec 2019 22:54 #216827 by 300bhpton

crash486 wrote: From what I've read (Still waiting for mine), the consensus from the Aussies that have fitted suspension lifts and slightly wider tyres is... a great improvement in on road handling.
Whether from, bilstein, OME, Tough Dog etc all say that unsettled feeling is vastly reduced.
If there were uprated shocks / springs in std length, I think quite a few people would go that way who don't do more technical off road. Quite a few people have gone with 40mm lifts just to gain advantage of the improved spring / shock combination.
The slightly wider rubber on the road and relatively shorter sidewalls also help.
Something to consider.


I struggle to believe any of this is true, unless they have also figured out how to break the rules of physics. I don't doubt the damping control on rough terrain may well be better with aftermarket suspension, but bigger knobbly tyres and a lifted vehicle are not ways to reduce lean and body roll!

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29 Dec 2019 23:02 #216828 by 300bhpton

B3Hulk wrote: Hi All,

I am looking to see what could help with the huge amount of body toss left and right. I have noticed that the during high winds or bends, the body tends to lean one way or the other.

I have done some research and I have some mixed answers.

Would a 40mm , 50mm or even 60mm lift kit help with the suspension feel and comfort?
Wider tyres? Wheel spacers?

I do drive mainly on bad roads, very little city driving but I do a lot of highway driving.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

I would firstly ask how familiar you are with off roaders, specifically live axle vehicles and small ligthweight ones like the Jimny?

A live axle vehicle will lean and feel different to a vehicle with independent suspension (i.e. a Freelander, Rav4, Vitara).

4x4's will also lean more than cars, so will feel different again.

In terms of your setup, I find it highly unlikely that a lift will improve things, in fact I'd expect it to make them worse in these specific regards.

Removing high up weight will make a difference. That roof rack is doing you no favours. You might want to remove it just to see how much impact it is having.

You might also want to look at your tyre pressures. Changing these and/or switching the front/rear bias may make some differences. And unless you are confident it is not an issue, get your tracking checked.

Being small, lightweight and slab sided, the Jimny will be affected by winds. My 2017 Smart ForTwo is. The easiest and best solution is slow down a bit, the impact will be less.

If you are looking for mods, then stiffer dampers may help. And maybe a stiffer anti-roll bar, not sure if either are available however. However off road ability may be impacted and ride quality on road may diminish.

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